Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Important Child Support Realities

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Three Important Child Support Realities

Understanding child support is of paramount importance according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. If parents do not have the correct information. They can end up in trouble, legally.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the most important things to keep in mind. Is that child support is a right of the child. And under no circumstances is it ever agreeable. That one parent would stop making child support payments.

In fact, many parents try to get out of this every year. By doing things like failing to disclose their finances. When the court requested, or giving up their parental rights. And even fleeing the country.

However, this is one issue. That will follow them wherever they go. Until they have paid all of the child support. That they owe, because it is their responsibility. To contribute to the life that they created.

Some parents mistakenly believe. That if they do not see the child. They are not responsible for paying child support payments. This is not true, child support is not. A payment to see their child.

It is simply a legal mechanism. To ensure that when a person creates life. That they remain responsible for it. For as long as that life is growing. Therefore, even if a person decides. To give up their parental rights and walk away.

Or if their former spouse decides to withhold access. They are still going to be required. To pay child support according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, many parents may try to act deviously.

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In order to get out of paying child support. For example, when parents are separating or divorcing. There likely going to get a notice to disclose in the mail. Or perhaps a request for financial documents.

This is sent out by the court. And is a requirement for both parents. To disclose by law. Their financial information to the courts. Either yearly or semiannually. This is so that the court calculate child support payments.

Some parents may think that they are going to be smart. And get out of paying child support. By failing to disclose their finances. However, what they do not realize.

Is that the judge, when left with no evidence. As to what their finances are. Will be able to assess that person. At whatever amount of child support. The judge deems reasonable. This can be based on.

Anecdotal information from the former spouse. About how much they think their ex spouse might be making per year. It could be based off of the average salary. Of someone in their position in that area.

Or it could simply be a number. That the judge pulls out of their head. Typically, in almost all circumstances. When parent fails to disclose their financial information says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

They will end up paying more in child support. Then they would have been assessed. If they disclosed their finances in the first place. Therefore, it never pays to be devious.

Parents should simply ensure that they are paying child support. To ensure that they are caring for the child that they brought into this world.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Important Child Support Realities To Understand

Even though many people have to pay child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There is still a lot of misconceptions about this concept. It is a legal mechanism. To ensure both parents will contribute to the life they created.

However, whether it is misinformation. Or listening to media from other countries. Such as the United States, but there is a lot of information. That people believed to be true. That is not true about child support.

For example, divorce lawyer Edmonton says many parents assume. If they leave the country. They no longer have to pay child support. They may think that they can get out of paying. Or they are attempting to flee their responsibilities.

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But Canada has what is called. A reciprocating jurisdiction with dozens of countries worldwide. What this means is countries that have a reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada.

Agree to uphold each other’s legal agreements. For example, child support for one. When they have a reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada. If a person flees to one of those countries.

Their government will require them to uphold their child support agreement. And if someone flees to Canada from another country. They will be held responsible. Uphold their legal agreements here as well. And if they and up not upholding their agreements.

The country can decide how they deal with them. Whether it is punishing them by the ways. That their own laws would dictate someone should be punished. For failing to uphold their legal agreements.

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That country can simply deport someone who is not acting lawfully. There are so many countries. That have reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada. For example, but not excluded to.

United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, all of Africa, and many Asian countries as well. There are are very few places that a person might go. That will get them off the hook.

For child support payments says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Another misconception is that they can stop paying child support. If there ex spouse. Is withholding access to their child. If a parent decides on their own.

To stop paying child support, the maintenance enforcement program will be triggered. The maintenance enforcement program is an organization in the province of Alberta.

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Whose sole purpose is enforcing child support orders that are not being paid. They actually have significant authority. And can do things like garnish a person’s wages, confiscate their passports.

Take away their drivers licenses and sees their assets. Either permanently, or until they pay all of child support that they owe. If a person is unable to pay. They should have their divorce lawyer Edmonton contacted the courts.

And inform them that they are experiencing financial hardship. Or to disclose their finances because they have changed. Under no circumstances are parents ever allowed. To change child support or access.

Without going through the court system first. When people are divorcing or separating with children. Understanding their rights and obligations. Can help them avoid financial and legal trouble.