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Family Law Edmonton Services

In a perfect world, divorce or the break up of a relationship goes smoothly with no stress and at no financial cost.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.  The reality is that divorce or the break up of a relationship can be an extremely stressful experience; it is often one of the hardest things people go through in their lives.

Our team at eLaw Alliance can help make that experience less stressful and at a fair cost.  Don’t struggle through navigating the family law Edmonton system alone.  There is potentially too much at risk to go at this alone.  Our team is experienced in navigating the system and getting fair results for our customers.

eLaw Alliance - Family Law Edmonton
eLaw Alliance - Family Law Edmonton

Several topics can arise during a divorce or break down of a relationship, such as but not limited to: division of family property, parenting, child support, and spousal support (these topics are collectively referred to as “corollary relief”). 

Family Law Edmonton Topics

Regarding Child Support

Don’t wait for the courts to force you to pay it.  If you are a parent and do not have primary care of the children or if you have less than 40% time with your children, know that you must pay the other parent child support.  Child support is calculated based on your gross annual income ( or if you are self-employed, child support might be calculated using more than just your gross annual income).

Our team can help you determine how much has to be paid and also help you defend against an overzealous parent who wants more child support than is actually owed.  Not to mention in some cases parents might even owe retroactive child support.  Do not get lost in the various ways to calculate child support; we can help you sort it out.

Regarding Spousal Support

Unlike child support, which is automatic and often straightforward, spousal support is not always easy to determine.  Before one starts calculating spousal support payments, one must first ascertain if either spouse is entitled to spousal support.

Spousal support could be compensatory, meaning it is used to compensate the other spouse for their unpaid efforts during the relationship (such as being a stay at home parent or relocating and changing jobs for the other spouse); or it could be non compensatory, meaning it is used to address the means, needs and circumstances of the lower earning spouse.

And finally spousal support may be contractual, meaning there may be a contract such as a cohabitation agreement or prenuptial agreement that contained spousal support provisions.  Whatever the case may be, contact us at eLaw Alliance to help you determine if spousal support is owed and if so, how much spousal support should be paid.

Not all cases qualify for spousal support and you should be wary of automatically agreeing to pay it (because in some cases it is in fact not owed).  Book a free consultation with our legal team and we can provide you with an opinion on the merits of spousal support in your case.

Regarding Parenting

Children are precious to parents and a relationship breakdown or divorce can turn a child’s worlds upside down.  Children can be seriously and negatively impacted by the divorce or relationship breakdown.  We can help minimize that impact and help ensure that parents are working towards the children’s best interests by guiding clients in the right way to handle a family breakdown. 

There are guiding principles of family law Edmonton that if implemented by the parents will help ensure the least negative impact on the children. We not only help parents ensure they work towards the best interests of the children, we also help parents who are being refused their parenting rights or access to the children. 

We also can help parents address serious concerns about the adequacy of the other spouse’s parenting abilities. If a parent is being bullied by the other parents, we will step in to defend our client.  We are not scared of bullies and we know how to handle a situation when one parent is being bullied by the other.

Regarding Division of Property

Dividing property can be a taxing task, especially the more complex the assets and debts are.  Generally speaking any property acquired during the date of cohabitation is split equally (and does not include exempt property such as gifts, inheritances and settlement monies not intermingled into the family).

Dividing family property does not have to be an arduous task.  Our team will ensure that proper exchange of property statements and disclosure are done efficiently so that the settlement negotiations can start or prepare for litigation. 

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