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Getting Started

Clients who would like to know more about our services are encouraged to complete the contact form. Clients who have decided to retain a lawyer or people wanting to book a free consultation should contact us via telephone at 780-665-4955.

10154 104 St NW unit 402, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7



Booking a Free Consultation

The first step is going over a few questions via telephone with our assistant. This allows us to determine if we provide the type of legal services you are seeking. It also allows us to have enough information on hand to maximize the value we can provide in your free initial consultation. We will let you know our upcoming available meeting slots and get you scheduled in.

Do I Need to Have Any Information Handy to Schedule a Free Consultation?

To book a free consultation we require answers to relatively simple questions designed to give us a rough idea of your circumstances. The lawyer that contacts you for the consultation will ask you more in depth and specific questions. If you’d like the lawyer to review a particular document such as a court Order or draft Separation Agreement, email it to our office prior to your scheduled consultation.

Choosing to Hire a Lawyer and the Intake Process

If you do not require a free consultation or if you already know you’d like to hire one of our lawyers, our assistant will go over our pricing including, lawyer hourly fees and initial retainer (the deposit). Lawyer rates may vary according to the experience or year of call of the lawyer you choose to hire. Junior associates and/or student rates are more affordable than are rates for a more senior lawyer.

Once the retainer is paid, the assistant will send you intake documentation including a Legal Services Agreement, client identity confirmation documents and a story guide (specified questionnaire). The intake process outlined above is normally done over the phone, email or in-person.

We accept retainer payments via:

  • etransfer,
  • cash(fiat) and
  • cheque

Do You Do Evening & Weekend Appointments?

Although our regular hours of operation are 9AM – 5PM, we are available for pre-scheduled early evening appointments and we can accommodate weekend appointments.

What Happens After Hiring A Lawyer or Completing the Intake Process?

After the retainer is paid and the intake forms completed, a meeting will be booked with your lawyer. We offer in-person, telephone, and video meetings (such as Facetime, WhatsApp and Zoom).

Will I be Told What the Total Cost Will Be to Hire a Lawyer?

Total costs of hiring a lawyer can range from the initial deposit amount to double or more the initial retainer payment, depending how much work is required on the file. For example, matters that are going to be litigated normally require additional retainer/deposit payments. The lawyer or assistant will advise clients of when or if additional funds are required in advance of continued services.

There may be costs in addition to the cost of the lawyer such as costs for disbursements. Disbursements could include costs for: filing fees, technology fees, experts, printing, and couriers. Trust that the assistant and Lawyer will keep you apprised of when disbursements arise.

What if my Case is Outside of Edmonton?

We can travel to your location! The Lawyer can attend Court in jurisdictions outside of Edmonton, such as in rural Alberta, or the other larger cities in Alberta. Fees will reflect any costs for travel including mileage, hotels and car rentals.

Parking at eLaw Alliance

We are in the heart of downtown so paid street parking is available and we are close to major transit routes and the LRT.

How Long Is the First Meeting with the Lawyer?

We set aside 1-2 hour blocks for initial client meetings. Although initial meetings can be as short as 30 minutes, we make sure we have enough time blocked off to fully understand your legal issue(s), present our recommended strategy and advise, and answer any questions you may have.

After the initial meeting with the lawyer, expect additional meetings will be scheduled as the client and lawyer see fit; these additional meetings can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the purpose of the meeting. For example reviewing disclosure with a client or drafting an affidavit can take 3 hours. All meetings are scheduled via the assistant.

The assistant knows the lawyer’s calendar even better than the lawyer knows it so reach out to the assistant to schedule any meetings with the lawyer. Even if you have the lawyer’s direct number it is best to book meetings through the lawyer’s assistant.

How Is the Coffee?

If you arrive early to your appointment you can be sure to be offered something to drink to pass the time, whether it be a refreshing bottle of water, a variety of teas or a warm cup of coffee.

Can We Do the Initial Meeting by Phone?

Many of our ongoing meetings take place via phone. Thus, we are fully setup to do any meetings by phone, including via video call.

What if my Court Date is Close?

Trust that if your retainer is paid and the intake complete, we will ensure to cover or look after any court date, even if that court date is fast approaching.

What If I Have an Immediate Deadline?

Trust that the assistant and lawyer will get you booked in to see the lawyer prior to any looming filing deadline.


Will the Lawyer Do What I Say?

  • Lawyers follow client instructions in all but the following cases:
    If the client asks the lawyer to do something unethical or illegal. As officers of the Court and as adherents to the rules of the Law Society of Alberta, our lawyers are required to ensure they do not knowingly do something illegal or unethical even if the client insists on it.
  • When the client has not been forthcoming with information or misleading about information; in that case the lawyer may refuse to follow the client’s requested course of action. This is to protect the client and the lawyer; lawyers can only provide competent advice if he/she is completely apprised of the relevant information. Failure to provide pertinent information limits the lawyer’s ability to provide comprehensive and accurate legal advice.