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We stand up for you.

Our competitors make you pay for a consultation or only provide a half hour of free legal consultation. At eLaw Alliance we know it might take longer so we offer up to one hour of free legal advice and information.

At eLaw Alliance we stick up for people! We help everyday Albertans navigate the justice system.

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Our Practice Areas

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Family & Divorce Law

Don’t rely on cheap cookie cutter sample separation and cohabitation agreements.  Let one of our divorce lawyers draft an agreement that is tailored to your exact situation and that a Judge would enforce.  If your matter requires litigation, don’t walk into Court alone.  Let us advocate for you in a court system that we are very familiar with.  Don’t fall prey to bully lawyers who may try taking advantage of you during settlement meetings or efforts to resolve outside of Court. (Read More)

Criminal Law Icon

Criminal Law

Defending Albertans is what we do.  Our Justice System is hard enough to navigate without a law degree but we know what to do for you.  From appearing in Court, reviewing disclosure, speaking to prosecutors, filing constitutional arguments, running bail hearings and trials or speaking to sentence.  Our lawyers are equipped to handle it all. (Read More)

Child Welfare Law Icon

Child Welfare Law

We know how important family is to Albertans, especially when it comes to children. Do not face Child and Family Services agents on your own because there may be too much at stake to take that chance. Our divorce lawyers are well versed in the different applications that could be faced by parents including: permanent guardianship orders, temporary guardianship orders and supervision orders. If your child or children were apprehended by agents from Child and Family Services, it is imperative you know your rights. (Read More).

We Also Provide:

Paperless Experience Icon 1

A Paperless Experience and Digital Signatures

We digitize our client files making it easier to send and access information on your file. We also offer clients the ability to sign documents digitally from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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Different Options for Hiring

In addition to offering full legal representation at our full rates, we also accept clients who qualify for more affordable Legal Aid rates and we offer specified brief services (flat fee services).

Notary Commissioner Services Icon

Notary Services/Commissioner For Oaths

Sometimes all clients need is a divorce lawyer’s review of and notarization of official documents. If that is your need, we can help with that too.

Mentorship Icon


We love mentoring junior and student lawyers. We offer opportunities for junior and student lawyers to watch and learn what we do in real time. We offer hands-on learning and mentorship.

Lunch Learn Icon

Lunch and Learns

If you are an organization dealing with people who come in contact with the Justice System, we offer free lunch and learn where we provide important information that you can pass on to your own clients and staff. Contact us directly to schedule a lunch and learn.

Transparent Billing Icon

Transparent Billing Practices

 If you are a client of ours you will never be left in the dark or surprised by what you’ve spent on our legal services. We provide monthly billing reports and our team is always available to answer any questions you have about billings.

Our History

October 2013 - Janan Jarrah begins operating as a sole practitioner in Edmonton Scotia Tower under the trade name, eLaw Alliance. A year later the firm hires a student lawyer who eventually transitions to the firm’s first junior associate. A short time later the firm hires another student lawyer. That student lawyer becomes an associate and the firm hires an office manager and the entire team moves into their own office space in Icon Tower II in the heart of downtown Edmonton. The team starts creating legal videos on various topics related to family law, criminal law and child welfare law.

In 2020 changes to staffing occur and the team changes due to lawyer relocations to other cities and areas of practice. The firm continues with its tradition of mentoring and hiring student lawyers who become associates at the firm. The firm continues its tradition of providing free legal clinics and learning seminars to agencies in Edmonton whose clients are dealing with various aspects of the Justice System. The firm continues to be a leader in law firm practices, making connections with other firms in Edmonton.

Our Why

We have witnessed first hand what the absence of strong, professional advocacy can have on people embroiled in the Justice System. We have witnessed first hand the catastrophic impact the Justice System can have on a person’s life and future. Justice is not automatic, we know full well that Justice has to be sought out; rarely does it simply occur on its own with no intervention from helpers.

We stick up for people and help people navigate the justice system because we care about Albertans. I am not just a divorce lawyer practising in Alberta; I am a person born and raised in Edmonton and consider it my home and community and I care about my community. Practising law is not worth it, if it doesn’t involve helping people and adding value to their lives.

Bullies will take advantage of people involved in the justice system; that is a fact. Whether that bully is opposing counsel on the other side of a divorce file, the police and crown prosecutor or child welfare agents, those bullies exist and can be hard for the average Albertan to handle on their own. We believe that every Albertan deserves to have someone back them up and stick up for them. It’s what we love to do. It doesn’t hurt to have extra muscle in your corner when taking on the bullies that are found within the justice system.

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