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Divorce & Family Law Services

Don’t let the break-down of your marriage or relationship turn your world or your children’s world upside down. Relationship breakdowns are no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. It can be difficult for the average Albertan to know where to start or what the conclusion will be when relationships break down. We can help navigate you through the unknown. Trust our legal experience and passion for the law.

Whether you require a simple consult or brief service or a full service representation, you can be confident in our ability to handle any family drama or issue. Our legal services include but are not limited to:

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Our Family Law Services

Negotiations & Settlement Discussions

We won’t back down from a legal battle but the reality is that litigation is costly, very time consuming, and stressful for all involved, for those reasons, Courts mandate parties attempt resolving matters outside of the court system. Our team will work hard to ensure you obtain a fair and satisfactory settlement through rigorous negotiations inside offices and boardrooms. We can help you obtain an agreement that won’t leave you destitute or on the losing end of a deal.


Sometimes, despite best efforts, resolution outside of Court is not going to happen. In that case trust our lawyers to advocate for you inside the courtroom. We are strong litigators who know how to take on a tough and intimidating court system. The court system and litigation is not for the faint of heart; you can be confident walking into any courtroom with one of our lawyers. We are not intimidated by other lawyers and we are confident in our abilities to advocate for you at family law hearings, Regular Chambers, Special Chambers and trials.

Topics in Law

Whatever your family law matter may be, we can handle it. We have assisted clients with the following family law topics: separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, marital property agreements, child support, spousal support, and division of property.

Criminal Law Services

If being arrested or charged with a criminal offence doesn’t scare you, it should. The criminal justice system is a daunting place and you don’t want to enter into it without experienced assistance.

Don’t let your constitutional rights and liberties be taken advantage of by police or prosecutors. Our defence lawyers know how to put the spotlight on the police; we know how to identify and address the mistakes often made by police and prosecutors during investigations (Charter issues).

We know how to advise clients in ways that limit law enforcement’s ability to unfairly pin a case against you. We help you understand your legal rights so you avoid legal troubles in the future.

Don’t take on police and prosecutors on your own; let us stand by you.

Here’s how we can help you:

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Child Welfare Matters | Advocates For Parents

If your child or children were apprehended by Child and Family Services (“CFS”), you need to act quickly to understand your parental rights and responsibilities. Our team is available to provide you with a free consultation on your rights as a parent. Do not obtain legal advice from CFS workers or supervisors; obtain advice from an experienced lawyer who does not work for CFS. Our team works independently from CFS. Our team has battled the highly funded and mighty CFS and won cases for our clients. CFS has very broad powers to interfere with your lives as parents so it is imperative that you know the limits to that power, that is where we can help. Not only will we provide you with experienced advice, we can help you negotiate agreements or consents and we can represent you at trial when agreements are not possible or being offered. Children are the most important things to parents so as a parent dealing with CFS, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Criminal Law Services

Before You Talk to Police, Talk to Us

Police are trained in obtaining incriminating information from people accused of breaking the law and this process of gathering incriminating information is legal. Nevertheless, it will help you immensely to know the limits to police power to interrogate. Know these rights BEFORE you consider talking to the police. Police don’t work for you but we do. Police are not there to protect you from being charged or after being charged, but we will and we do. Do not take legal advice from a police or prosecutor; get your advice from our defence lawyers because we are completely independent from police and prosecutors.

Bail Hearings & Bail Reviews

If you are in the very unfortunate position of being locked up and you need a lawyer to get you out, trust our lawyers will fight to do just that. We know how to talk to prosecutors to gain your release or if the prosecutor is not keen on agreeing to release you, we can represent you in front of a Judge or Justice to fight for your release. If you have already been denied bail, don’t lose hope, our team can set you up with a second chance to have your bail reconsidered (Bail Review Hearing).


Don’t ever let someone force you to plead guilty to something you did not do. Our lawyers know how to help you enter pleas of not guilty and we know how to run trials. With our team’s knowledge we can tackle Charter and constitutional issues, we thoroughly cross-examine your accuser and we know how to present persuasive evidence in your favor.

Guilty Pleas

Going to trial is not always the answer. In those cases where our client’s choose to plead guilty, we can fight for balance and fairness in terms of sentencing. Not all offers (not even most offers) from prosecutors to resolve matters are fair or the least intrusive to your life; our lawyers know how to advocate for fair resolution. Prosecutors do not work for you but defence lawyers do so trust that our team will help balance the power imbalance between you and a zealous prosecutor.

Child Welfare & Parental Advocacy Services

Issues We Help With

  • kinship agreements
  • custody agreements
  • family enhancement agreements
  • supervision applications
  • temporary guardianship applications
  • permanent guardianship application
  • section 33.3 temporary guardianship applications
  • review of permanent guardianship orders and initial custody hearing.

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