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What is #LawTalk Summary Advice?

Summary advice is basic legal advice, free of charge, regardless of how much you make or where you get your income. At eLaw Alliance we not only provide free summary advice over the telephone, we also create and publish videos or #LawTalk on our website, www.elawalliance.com and the eLaw Alliance YouTube channel to help individuals with common legal topics in family law, criminal law and child welfare law. For each video or #LawTalk we pick a topic and answer or cover questions dealing with that topic.

Why Did You Start Publishing The #LawTalk Videos?

At eLaw Alliance we are dedicated to providing Albertans with free legal information. We believe that information should not be hoarded by the legal experts, rather we believe knowledge should be shared, especially as it pertains to the Justice System.

Understanding your rights is of utmost importance and should never be taken for granted. As lawyers we fully understand that knowledge is power. Although each legal matter before the Courts comes with its own set of unique particulars, it’s our experience that most

Albertans are experiencing legal issues that other Albertans have already dealt with. Even more importantly, we find that receiving summary legal advice at the onset can preserve the chances of a smooth and informed legal strategy.

By receiving legal advice up front, the average Albertan or Justice System participant can move forward while avoiding the costly trial and error process.

Who Are These Videos For?

These videos are for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge about family law, criminal law and child welfare law and increase their chances of starting off with a better understanding of the legal matter at hand. This includes clients, prospective clients, and non-clients alike. We believe they are useful for all Albertans, especially those people who are separating/divorcing, who picked up criminal charges, or who had their children apprehended by Child and Family Services.

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Why Would You Give Away Your Secrets?

There really are no secrets; the information we provide is already out there for anyone to research or find out on their own.

The tricky part is where to look for that information and knowing how it may apply to your specific case. The average Albertan doesn’t know where to find the information or how it specifically applies to their case and that is where we gladly step in to help.

Why are we so eager to help provide free legal information and advice? Well, imagine if you were a school teacher, entrusted to pass on knowledge and you were administering an important test to your students.

You have the answers to the questions on the test and you want your students to do well because that test will determine their future academic prospects or even their path in life.

You know your students might try googling the answers or asking another student in the class. Are you going to do nothing to teach them before they take that test?

Are you going to leave it up to chance that the student will figure it on his, her or their own? We’re hoping you would make the effort to impart knowledge to those students.

Thus, we believe it’s our duty to help people regardless if they are clients or not. Although it’s not practical to give endless free advice on a one on one basis to non-paying customers, we believe providing some form of free legal information and advice is our duty in this profession.

There are many barriers to accessing justice including expensive costs to hire a lawyer and the inherent difficulty in navigating the justice system. People who receive no legal information or advice are more likely to fall through the cracks of the Justice System and lose out on opportunities to preserve the chance of the best possible outcome in their case.

Thus, we believe society as a whole would be more likely to prosper if they shared information more freely, rather than viewing every detail as a “secret” or something that is only available if you can afford it.

Can I Watch These Videos & Not Hire My Own Lawyer?

These videos are designed to give average Albertans legal information and they are not intended to be taken or understood as legal advice. For that reason we at eLaw Alliance provide Albertans with one hour legal consultations, for free. Rather than panicking over something you don’t understand, these videos can help provide basic legal information and can then be followed up by calling our office to book a free legal consultation.

Failing to understand your legal case and getting help, can be disastrous and seriously disadvantage you from the get go. The only way to gain the level of understanding to know what to do in your particular case is to familiarize yourself with the basic legal concepts involved and then following up with a tailored legal consultation from a lawyer who knows how to handle your particular situation.

Schedule a One Hour Free Consultation.

Legal issues can be stressful and the Justice System is difficult for the average person to navigate. A conversation with one of our expert lawyers will help alleviate your stress and allow you to make an informed decision about your situation.

If I’m a Client, Why Should I Still Watch These Videos?

Even with our own client’s it’s not practical to impart all of our knowledge and experience in a one to one format all the time. Often client meetings take more of a triage approach, in that we focus on the highest priority issues.

If the client is able to learn basic legal concepts on their own, this allows us to focus our efforts on strategies that require a greater degree of comprehension or efforts beyond the basics of law.

Thus, if clients can use these videos to learn and understand these basic legal topics on their own, they will be more likely to use one on one time with the lawyer on things that go beyond just the introduction of a case.

What’s An Efficient Way To Consume This Content?

Time and attention spans are always the biggest limiting factors and that is why we do our best to present the legal information in an easily digestible way; you simply have to listen.

The length of these videos are generally around 10 minutes and all the content in each video are grouped around a single topic.

This will allow the average Albertan to learn a meaningful amount on a particular topic during the natural breaks during the day. (I.e. waiting in line, eating lunch, on hold, etc.)

Additionally, most of the content on the #LawTalks videos are useful in audio only format. Thus, if you want to pull up the video and listen without watching, you will likely gain just as much from the content.

We have a playlist on the eLaw Alliance YouTube channel if you want to loop the videos instead of having to pull up a new video each time one ends.

Schedule a One Hour Free Consultation.

Legal issues can be stressful and the Justice System is difficult for the average person to navigate. A conversation with one of our expert lawyers will help alleviate your stress and allow you to make an informed decision about your situation.

Who Are The People In The Videos & Why Don’t They Look Like Flashy Lawyers on Television?

The people in the videos are eLaw Alliance current or former employees. Most lawyers and legal agents are not the flashy Hollywood types.

We would rather show people on the show who have more knowledge rather than people with just style. Also, this lets people get to know the real people behind the scenes at our firm, who will be there to help you should you reach out to become one of our clients.

Further, given the plethora of topics that Albertans need assistance in relation to the law, our focus will be on providing quality information on useful topics rather than spending copious amounts of resources on editing.

We are ok if we don’t win an Oscar, but we are not ok Albertans not understanding or knowing their rights.

What If I Have A Topic I Would Like Discussed on #LawTalks?

We would be happy to consider your topic for a future video on the show. The best way to bring forward a topic, is to leave a comment on one of the shows on the YouTube channel.

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