Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 12 Best Things To Do in Court

Hi, we are from Elaw Alliance we are three lawyers here for divorce lawyer Edmonton. My name is Herman I’m accompanied by Peter P and Janan Jarrah. Today. We’re just going to go over some simple topics in regard to what to do and what to not do when you go to court. So, I’m just going to simply open this up for, uh, any explanations, so go ahead.

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Show Up To Court Early

I’ll start – number one don’t: when you come to court, don’t show up late. One suggestion I have is that oftentimes, courts only sit for a specified period of time. So if you miss the opportunity, your court date was at nine o’clock, but you showed up to court at one o’clock. Sometimes the consequences are that warrants can be issued for your arrest if it’s a criminal matter.


Criminal Or Family Cases Require The Same Preparation

Or if it’s a family matter, the judge may have already spoken to your matter. Granted some order in your absence, without you even having a chance to respond. So very important: be punctual when you’re in court show up on time. Don’t show up late. I agree. I mean, even though you’ve been to court, and the experience is that you get there on time. And you wait a few hours before your matter can be heard, or before you can speak to your matter.


Any Excuse Showing Up Late to Court is Poor

The judges will still appreciate and expect that you be on time when the court starts for most of what we call a criminal docket day or in-family of chambers day. Where there are more than one file for that time. Your file may not be dealt with first, but however, do note. That the court does take note when you get here. And usually, the judges are very good at seeing who’s here at the beginning of when court starts. So, it’s very, very important for you and your divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Give Yourself The Best Court Experience

And, and just to jump on that. Some of these court courtrooms are open for a long period of time. So you do have to wait, so be prepared to wait at times. However, you could also let Madam clerk know. Or any clerk in the front know that you are on the way, just in case. If you do step out to the bathroom or anything like that. They will know that you are there and you have signed in with the courtroom.

Timeliness Is Important

And I guess to add if it’s not a docket date. Or if this this actually a trial date or anything that’s substantive. It’s much more important that you are there on time because your court date and time is for your matter only here at  divorce lawyer Edmonton. And if you’re not there, as Janan mentioned, the court can make an order. That’s going to be adverse for your interest according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And then a warrant may be out for your arrest. Which is a criminal code charge by itself.


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Regardless Of Your Case Punctuality Matters

Whether for divorce lawyer Edmonton or it is a criminal matter. An FRA to appear in court or founding matter where you can have your application struck altogether. Meaning the court is following up your application, or if you respond. The court is really then making an order that the other side, that all they’re asking for, because you didn’t show up to court on time. So this would kind of be the most important, and the least you can do for your criminal matters. Is to be on time, on the date and time that you are asked to be in court.

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Hiring a Divorce Or Criminal Lawyer Is Important

And of course, it always helps. If you do have a divorce lawyer Edmonton retained or hired, obviously they will show up for you if you’re not able to show up yourself. But if you are self representing, then show up on time. Any other dos and don’ts that you want to mention?

Best Practice Is Come To Court Prepared

I want to mention, just generally do be prepared. Do bring any documents that you might need. If you’re in a family law matter, any applications, affidavits, those kinds things. If you’re self rep, make sure you have those on you states divorce lawyer Edmonton. If you’ve done your own application, make sure you have that, uh, expect that the judge, when your case, especially in the docket case, the judge doesn’t have any information.


Being Prepared With Help Your Case

So if you do have to refer to your own notes or your own application or affidavit, uh, make sure you have that with you, because if you come and you’re not prepared at court with or without your divorce lawyer Edmonton. Essentially you have nothing with you. So that’s definitely something to be prepared for it.

Prepare Yourself Ahead Of Time

Yeah, and really with preparation, it doesn’t have to be, you know, if you’re coming for a docket appearance or, or first appearance says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It doesn’t have to be you bring your whole file with you. Your whole file with you really is, what we do, at least for myself our point forms. But the main points of what we’re here to do today in court. Obviously if you’re now at a trial stage or at any kind of substantive hearings, you would want to bring that file so that you can draw upon the evidence or documents right away.


Be Familiar With Your Material

One of the good tips of being prepared is not as much as you want to be familiar with the material says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And with what you’re asking the court to, to grant you. But make it organized so that you can access the information as quickly as possible. Time for court is a valuable resource.


Have Your Paperwork Organized

And if you’ve been to court before, you know, it takes some time for us to book anything substantive. So there’s not a lot of time for you to dig through your whole file, to find out one piece of paper that you’re looking for to show the judge. So you might want to have it tap either the night before the week before. So that you know exactly when the judge asks this as the question, you can pull it up right away. Yeah, I would say on a lesser scale but still important.

If you have a looming court date. Especially for a family matter, contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can advise you during a free one-hour consultation.