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Criminal Law Services

Let us help you handle your criminal charge(s).  We assisted clients with the following types of criminal law charges, to name a few: 

  • Assaults (aggravated assault, assault with weapon, domestic assault and sexual assault);
  • Thefts and possession of stolen property;
  • Impaired driving;
  • Drug possession and Trafficking;
  • Attempted Murder;
  • Firearm offences;
  • Flight from police;
  • Break & Enter.
  • Weapon offences.
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Unsure on what to do with an allegation or criminal assault charge?

Our team is also very experienced in running bail hearings (also known as Judicial Interim Release), Bail Reviews, and Re-Opening of Bail to amend bail conditions.

We have run trials including jury trials and judge alone trials.

We are no strangers to filing constitutional arguments like Charter Notices.

Our Criminal Law Process

If you are in custody, we will come see you in the institution to interview you and review disclosure with you.  If you are out of custody, we accommodate in person interviews or Video meetings.

The first steps in handling a criminal law matter are critical.  Even before you open your mouth to speak to a police or RCMP officer, you need to ask for legal advice.  Speaking to police can have a seriously detrimental affect on your case and could even increase the chances of a conviction. 

Getting legal advice before you speak to police might just save you from a criminal conviction.  Not only are we available to provide legal advice regarding whether or not you should speak to police, we offer up to one hour of free legal advice so do not hesitate to contact us.  Don’t fall for police persuasions, know your rights at the earliest opportunity.  We can offer sound, experienced advice on how to handle police during police interviews.

One of the first steps in a criminal case is to order a copy of your Disclosure (the evidence collected against you such as witness statements, video surveillance, forensic evidence and police reports).  You need someone with a trained legal eye to review that Disclosure for any discrepancies, police errors or possible defences.  We know what to look for and we know when something is missing from Disclosure.  Not only will we order disclosure for you, we will review it with you giving you the chance to see the case against you for yourself.  After Disclosure is reviewed we will  provide you with advice and opinions and legal options. 

Leave the heavy lifting for us to do.  Don’t go to Court alone, let us be your advocate, right beside you every step of the process.  If you can’t make it to docket court, trust that we will appear for you.  We will also be there for any hearing including bail hearings, forfeiture hearings, guilty plea hearings and pre-trial motion hearings.  Trust that when it comes to trial, we will be present, right beside you as your advocate.  Hire our lawyers and you will never feel alone in the process or feel like you are left in the dark.  We keep in regular contact with our clients, especially the closer we get to important court dates. 

If you are not sure how to speak to a Crown Prosecutor, don’t stress, we routinely speak to crown prosecutors and other court agents like court clerks, probation officers, bail supervisors, and other related third parties.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of the Criminal Justice System; don’t be just a number.  If you don’t have proper legal representation you run the risk of being taken advantage of  or not getting the best possible result.  The criminal justice system can be a hard place to navigate and not everyone will be eager to help you like we are.

We keep up to date on the latest developments in criminal law and know how to research nuanced issues such as: rights against search and seizure, rights with respect to illegal detentions by police, rights with respect to your liberties and other protected Charter rights.

If you are a first time offender let us ensure you don’t end up with a criminal record.  We have helped client’s avoid criminal records.  Avoiding a criminal record is very important; be mindful of the impacts of a criminal record (for example; a criminal record may inhibit your ability to be employed in certain fields or impede your ability to travel outside of the country).

Criminal Court Justice

If you already do have a criminal record we can help you avoid any additional entries on your criminal record.  Often police will overcharge to ensure “something sticks”.  We will work towards ensuring nothing sticks.  It is not always possible to avoid a criminal record but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to mitigate the impacts of a criminal record.  Let us help you ensure you end up with the most fair sentence. 

We have helped many clients receive sentences that are fair and not overly harsh.  If you don’t have a lawyer in your corner during sentencing you run the risk of receiving a harsher sentence. 

There are several ways to ensure a more lenient sentence such as gathering caselaw to support the sentence we seek, obtaining character references or linking up with resources in the community that aim to rehabilitate.  Don’t trust that the Crown Prosecutor will work in your interests; in fact the Crown Prosecutor does not work for you but a criminal defense lawyer does work for you and will be the person looking out for your interests. 

Whether it is by helping you put together a comprehensive bail plan or fair and just sentencing submissions, we work towards getting the best result possible.

We have handled cases in all courts including in provincial court and the Court of King’s Bench.  While in Provincial Court we have handled cases in domestic violence court, mental health court, drug court and in custody court.

We can ensure that the proper steps are taken so as to avoid unnecessary delay and we know how to handle when the Courts or Crown cause the unnecessary delay.

Get a crash course in criminal law by one of our experienced team members.  

Legal issues can be stressful and the Justice System is difficult for the average person to navigate. A conversation with one of our expert lawyers will help alleviate your stress and allow you to make an informed decision about your situation.

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