Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Necessary Child Support Realities

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | To Necessary Child Support Realities

Parents need to understand says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That paying child support is not optional. And is a right of their child. By understanding the legalities surrounding child support.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Can help parents avoid getting into legal or financial trouble. Based on incorrect assumptions. Surrounding this legal mechanism. To ensure that both parents are financially hitting the life they created together.

There are many misconceptions. That are around for many reasons. For example, people may have heard about. Situations anecdotally in their social group. That were misconstrued.

Or just improperly retold from one person to the other. They might have heard something from the news, or media. About what happened in other provinces. Or what happened in the United States.

Since a lot of our media comes from another country. But the laws concerning child support are actually different. Says divorce or Edmonton from one province to the next. And certainly different from the United States.

Therefore, what people might assume it is accurate. It may not be the case. And it could land them in significant difficulties with the law. One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants parents to understand.

Is that under no circumstances can they make the decision. To stop making child support payments. The reason why they might make those comments. Is because they believe that if their former spouse.

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Is withholding access, then they do not have to pay child support. However, child support is not a payment in order to see the children. It is a legal mechanism. To ensure that the child is cared for properly.

And that they have all of the food, clothing and shelter that they require. Therefore, the law will look down upon parents. Who stop paying child support. Because the other parent withheld access. In that circumstance they should instead.

Contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court to inform them. That one parent is not upholding. Their legal obligation. To allow the parent to see their child.

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Two wrongs definitely do not make a right when it comes to the law. Another misconception about child support. Is that they can stop paying child support. If they leave the country. This is common when people.

Leave the country to go work in the United States. Or, they might flee the country. To their country of origin, and mistakenly believe. That they do not have to pay child support anymore.

This is not true. Due to what is called a reciprocating jurisdiction. This is an agreement. That Canada has with dozens of other countries. That will uphold legal agreements in both countries. Regardless of where the person is.

Therefore, if they owe child support in Canada. And they flee to any country. That has a reciprocating jurisdiction. That country will ensure they uphold their child support agreement.

There are hundreds of countries that have reciprocating jurisdictions. Such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and many Asian countries. Therefore, rather than assume. Parents should contact divorce lawyer Edmonton and find out the truth.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Necessary Child Support Realities

It is unfortunate, that many people do not understand child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And that leads to a lot of heartbreak. As well as legal and financial difficulties.

Parents can avoid conflict. And avoid unnecessary trips to court if they simply. Educate themselves about child support. And what to do to avoid. Getting into trouble with the court.

One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents should understand. Is that child support is quite simply. A legal mechanism to ensure. That divorced or separated parents.

Can care for the life that they created financially. It is a right of the child. Have the parent pay child support. And it is to pay for the necessities of life. Such as clothing, food and shelter.

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It is not something that parents can negotiate away. Such as I will allow more access. If you pay more child support for example. It is not something that parents can agree to not pay.

And is in unalienable rights of the child. Even if a parent volunteers. To give up their parental responsibilities, that does not negate their responsibility. To contribute financially to the life they created.

However, many parents do not understand this. And think that if they do not see their child. They can walk away from this financial responsibility. If they do not pay child support, divorce lawyer Edmonton says.

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It will trigger the maintenance enforcement program. What this is, is an agency within the province of Alberta. And their soul reason for being, is helping to enforce. Child support orders that are currently delinquent.

They have significant authority to be able to go after the people. That owe child support, and not only can they threaten, but they can follow through. On a wide variety of threats such as suspending drivers licenses.

As well as confiscating a person’s passports, garnishing their wages. As well as seizing their assets, just to name a few things. They can seize one or multiple things. And use them, as a way to encourage a person to pay child support.

Rather than enter into problems with the maintenance enforcement program. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents who are having difficulties. Paying child support for any reason.

Can contact their divorce lawyer and go back to court. And claim financial hardship. This is especially true if they are experiencing financial hardship. Such as they are the sole caregiver for an L parent for example.

Or, they lost their job. Or they got another job that pays less. There are even mechanisms in place says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That can help parents pay child support. If they have a wildly fluctuating income.

For example, they have a job. Where they live solely on commission or tips. They can contact their divorce lawyer. And inform the court that their income varies wildly from one month to the next.

Or, they can ask the court to permanently reduce their child support. Based on new financial information. Doing this rather than avoiding payments. Can help them avoid legal problems.