Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Child Support Affects Parents


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Child Support Effects Parents

Some parents may think it is unfair according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they have to pay child support. It may be because they make less money. Then the other parent, and they think they should not have to pay.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Or, they should not have to pay. Because there ex spouse. Is denying them access to their child. Regardless of the situation. Whether the breakup is amicable. Or if the two people are fighting.

Even for instance, how often they get to see the child. And how often they want to see the child. That has absolutely no bearing. On whether child support should be paid. Or how much child support should be paid.

A common complaint from parents is that. There ex significant other. Is withholding the visitation that they are entitled to. Because they are not seeing their children. They think they do not have to pay child support.

According to the court system, both the divorce act. As well as the family Law act in Alberta. Outline child support, and access as it is known. As two different issues. That are completely mutually exclusive from each other.

Which means if a parent. Does not allow the other to have their regular scheduled visitation. That is one issue that a parent can take up in court. In order to complain that they are not seeing their children.

And ensuring a judge handles the situation appropriately. Meanwhile, the court views child support as a completely separate issue. If a parent makes the mistake. Of withholding child support.

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Because the other parent is withholding access, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Two wrongs definitely do not make a rights. And both parents will be considered in the wrong. When they inevitably have to go back to court.

It will look much better for the one parent. If they are continuing to pay child support. Even if they do not have access. And the other parent can be penalized for not following. The appointed court orders that they must follow.

Therefore, the best thing for parents to do. If they are not seeing the child. As often as they are entitled to. Is to simply go back to court. And let the law handle it, in the way that it was designed to.

However, many parents think. That if they do not want to see their child. That they do not have to pay child support either. This is extremely unfortunate when happens. But some parents are not ready to be parents.

Therefore, they think that they can simply walk away from the child. According to the law, the divorce act. And the family Law act of Alberta. Specifies that if someone can create life. That they are responsible for that life.

Even if that means they are only financially responsible. They can walk away from the responsibility. Of caring for that child. But financially supporting that child. Is something that nobody can waive says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Parents who have questions about this. Can set up a free consultation with the law alliance. And find out not only their rights. But their responsibilities when it comes to child support.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Child Support Laws Effects Parents

Child support can be a complex issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Particularly when there are multiple children. And there are different levels of access. However, the laws surrounding it are simple.

If a child is with one parent. More than 60% of the time. Child support is calculated as per section 3. Of either the family Law act in Alberta. Or the divorce act in Alberta.

Section 3 states. That the parent that has access to the child 40% of the time or less. Will be the parent responsible to pay child support. The child support is calculated. As a percentage of that parents income.

And is required to be paid out on a monthly basis. This is one way to ensure. That both parents are financially contributing. To the life of the child that they created together.

Since one parent, who has access more. Will be considered to be the parent. Who is bearing a greater financial burden. By supplying the food, clothing and shelter. To that child for the majority of the time.

However, while this was once. The most common way for parents. To have access of their child. One parent would have them during the week. While the other parent had them on the weekend.

It is becoming increasingly more common. According to divorce lawyer Edmonton, for parents to share. Access of their children equally. At child would stay with one parent for one or two weeks.

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And then, stay with the other parent for one or two weeks. In this case, many people assume. That child support does not need to be paid. Because they both share access. But that is not the case.

Section 9 set off child support states. The court will determine. Which parent makes more income. The two incomes will be deducted from each other. And the amount remaining, from the parent who makes more money.

Will have a percentage on that remaining amount. Therefore, a parent who is making sixty thousand dollars a year. And parent who is making fifty thousand dollars a year. The parent who earns more pay a percentage.

Of the ten thousand dollars extra. That they earned in that year. That way, it equals the financial burden. Between the two parents. Child support does not just pay for the necessities of life.

Child support can also pay extracurricular activities. Such as sports, dance, music or art lessons. Just to name a few things. Or, help pay for additional expenses. Such as daycare, or orthodontic work.

The sooner parents can get the facts. The sooner they will be able to pay correct child support. So that they can contribute to the life they created. And cooperate with each other says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Though it may be hard, that is the mature thing for parents to do. When parents can ensure. That they have paid for the life they created. They will be able to get on with. The rest of their lives easily.