Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Separation

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Separation

If parents have separated, whether they are married or common law says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They must adhere to the laws governing separation when children are involved.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

This is referred to as family Law act in Alberta. And if they are legally married, they may also adhere to the divorce act. And while there is a lot of overlap between these two acts.

If a couple is legally married, the divorce act is specifically designed to answer their questions. However, they can use either the divorce act or the family Law act.

But if people have never been legally married. And are living common-law, and whether they are completely splitting up or separating. The family Law act will have the answers they are looking for.

However, there still might be questions that they have for divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because while the family Law act is available to look at for free online.

They might have specific questions as it refers to their own situation. And it can be very helpful to wheel the talk to a lawyer directly to get their answers.

One of the first questions that people often ask when they speak to a lawyer. Is what is the difference between joint custody and sole custody?

While many people think that custody refers to who has the children physically. It actually refers to the decision-making ability. Therefore, when parents share what is called joint custody.

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That refers to the parents both being able to make decisions about the child. Including where they go to school, who they associate with and where they live. And even what their cultural or religious upbringing is going to be.

And if a parent has been awarded sole custody. That does not mean that they are going to be the only parents that have physical access or visitation with their child.

That simply means they are going to be the only one making these decisions for their child. But that does not mean they get to make all of the parenting decisions for the child, when the other parent has time with the child.

So even though parents might have extremely different parenting styles says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Whoever has the child at the time, is known to have the parenting time.

In the decisions that they can make about the child include but to feed them, what activities they want to participate with the child in. Bedtime, and clothes they wear for example.

Therefore, if the parents are unable to come to an agreement. Like one parent has a very early bedtime and the other parent does not. They must both let the other one make the decisions they deem best.

And unless one parent has substantiated proof that they are abusive or neglectful. They are not going to be able to control what the other parent does. And must both respect their parenting styles.

However, people still have lots of questions when it comes to divorce and separation when children are present. And for these cases, they should feel free to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton for consultation. In order to get their questions answered.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Separation Requires Communication

Parenting is challenging at the best of times says divorce lawyer Edmonton. So when parents separate or divorce. It can be even more difficult, but it is important that parents learn how to get along.

If parents are not able to come to agreements, they will be able to take their issues before the courts. However, they must have proven that they exhausted all of their attempts.

Because the courts will not want to get involved, and end up making parental decisions about a child. Unless the parents have truly been unable to come to a decision together.

And when it comes to the courts, they always will try to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says nobody knows what is truly best for the child better than the parents.

Which is why they need to work very hard in order to make joint decisions when necessary. As well as communicate, and cooperate whether it is visitation, or child support.

One example where parents may not be able to come to an agreement. Is if one of the parents wants to take the child out of the province. Whether they are going on a vacation, or permanently relocating.

Consent is going to be required for both. Which means one parent cannot take the child out of province for a vacation. Without not only informing the other parent. The getting their express, written consent.

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And when it comes to moving outside of the problems. It is also important that they get the other parent’s written consent. And if the other parent does not give that consent. They are not able to travel.

And if they do not come to an agreement together. This is a situation where they may obtain a court order. And try to convince a judge to allow them to move out of province with their child.

The judge will listen to all of the evidence, and make the decision they think is best for the child, including what the connection is between the child and the parent that is not moving.

Even if they decide not to move out of province. Many parents are not sure who gets to make decisions for the child after they have separated. And for the most part, the court will want to see shared decisions.

However, if parents are not able to agree, or if communication has been difficult. The judge may actually decide which parent has the decision-making authority says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

While trying to communicate with the other parent can be very challenging. Especially since there is often a reason why they are deciding to separate or divorce.

However, if they want to avoid having a judge, who is a complete stranger to them and their children. Make some of the most important parenting decisions in their child’s life.

They need to learn how to cooperate, and communicates. So that they can ensure that they can raise their child without outside influence who may not know their child the best.