Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Is Vital

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Support

Child support is a hotly contested issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is for many reasons including the fact. That many parents do not want to give. There ex-spouse anything they do not have to.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

They often want to avoid. Paying child support, because they do not want. To have to give their spouse money. Often because they believe. That child support is a payment to their ex partner.

Rather than supporting their child financially. But that is exactly what the laws dealing with child support. Our therefore, they ensure. That both parents contribute financially. That child’s life.

Therefore, any parent that wants to. Get out of paying child support. Is rarely granted that chance. Even parents who want to give up. Their parental rights to a child. Often still have to pay child support.

Therefore parents who stop paying child support. Simply because they are denied access. Even if that access should be granted. Are in the wrong if they decide to not pay. Because they are not seeing their child.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the law sees. Access and child support as two separate issues. If a parent withholds access. That is one legal problem. And as in many cases. Two wrongs definitely do not make a right.

If one parent withholds access. Or they withhold child support. The appropriate response. Is for the parent who is not receiving something. To utilize their lawyer, and go back to court.

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They can communicate with the court. That they are not receiving. Access or child support. And have the court deal with that appropriately. In the case of not paying child support, typically it will trigger.

Maintenance enforcement to get involved. Maintenance enforcement program is an agency. Within the province of Alberta whose sole purpose. Is to enforce legal child support orders says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

They have significant authority to help convince. Parents who are not paying child support to do so. The maintenance enforcement program can suspend people’s drivers licenses. As well as confiscate their passports.

The maintenance enforcement program can also garnish the wages. So that child support comes directly off of their check. Collecting not only the current child support that a person owes. But retroactive payments.

Dating as far back as necessary. Until that parent has caught up. All of the child support they should have paid. Since the first payment that they missed. As well, the maintenance enforcement program can seize assets.

And even more, in order to encourage people. To pay the child support that they owe. If a person does not pay child support. Because they cannot afford it. The appropriate response. Would be to instead, go to court.

With their lawyer, and ask to reduce payments. They can provide financial proof. Such as updated pay stubs. Showing that there financial circumstances have changed. As child support is not considered a penalty.

It is completely within a person’s right. And the court is more than willing to help. Reduce those payments to what is reasonable. If people have any further questions, they should contact the Law alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Is Vital

Child support can be difficult to understand says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because there are many things that go into. Calculating the payments, from figuring out. Which parent has more access.

Figuring out each parents income. And who has to pay child support. As well as set off child support, and child support. For extracurricular activities. Despite the fact that this can be a complex issue.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton is an expert. In helping parents figure this out. There are two acts within the province of Alberta. One is called the family Law act. The other one is the divorce act and they both deal with.

Child support issues. Anyone who is looking for more information. Can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And set up a consultation to find out more information. However, here are some basics that people can use.

The first thing that parents should keep in mind. Is child support is owed. Whether or not they have been legally married. If they are separating, or divorcing. Child support is going to need to be paid.

But even if they have not been legally married. And have only been living common-law. And a child came from that union. Then, child support still needs to be paid. And finally, if the couple was not officially together.

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But created a child, then child access. And child support payments also must be figured out. The good news is, that the information. Relating to child support in the family Law act. Is identical to the information.

About child support in the divorce act. Ultimately, both acts state says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That child support must be paid. And cannot be waived or voluntarily not paid. Because it is the right of the child.

To have both parents contribute. The financial well-being of their life. This is why even if a parent decides. To waive their parental rights. Or walk away from the child, and not see them.

The court will still expect the parent. To live up to their financial obligations. By paying child support. Another misconception is that child support. Does not need to be paid if the parent who has more access.

Makes more money than the other parent. However, the parent who makes less money. Still needs to pay child support. Because the parent who has access. Is bearing a greater financial burden.

The good news is, the parent who makes less money. Still only pays. A percentage of their income to child support. So even though they make less. Their payments will also be less.

This is just some of the information. That people can use to help understand child support. However, the best information. Will come directly from a divorce lawyer. And people should talk to one, if they are going through.

A separation, or a divorce. And there are children from that relationship. Understanding a person’s rights. As well as their obligations is crucial. To doing the right thing when it comes to child support.