Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Reasonable Child Support Realities

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Reasonable Child Support Realities

While new gets married hoping for divorce says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Divorce and separations happen all the time. However, when there are children involved. Parents need to step a very carefully.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Not only are there obligations to their children. But they have legal obligations to the court as well. When there is child involved. And they are separating or divorcing. Regardless of what it is.

Both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act will specify. Exactly what must happen. If people are separating or divorcing and there are children involved. As well, parents may have many questions.

That to be answered, in order to. Do the right things, and uphold the obligations to their children. One of the most common questions. That divorce lawyer Edmonton gets. Is from parents wondering. Who has to pay.

For extracurricular activities?? They may have figured out. Child support, depending on. How much access each parent has. Whether they are paying offset child support, or one parent. Has access more.

But then they wonder, who has to pay. For extracurricular activities. Such as music lessons, dance lessons. Or sports teams. For if a parent is having trouble. Paying for the daycare, or afterschool care of their child.

Some people think that that is the sole responsibility. Of the parent who has access most of the time. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is not accurate. Both parents are actually obligated. To pay for the extracurricular activities.

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Of their children, and the parent who has access most. Is the one who gets to decide which activities. To the children are in. And what daycare if needed they go to. However, they do not get to dictate.

How much the one parent has to pay. They will go to court with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Outlining all of the various expenses. Such as all of the extracurricular activities the child is enrolled in.

As well as the cost of additional childcare for example. And both parents will pay. Based on a percentage of their income. But only to the maximum that they can afford. Which means if neither parent can afford.

To pay for the entire extracurricular activity. Then the child simply cannot go. Because they cannot force either parent. To pay what they cannot afford. Another question that people have.

Is it can they avoid paying child support. By relinquishing their parental rights. Some parents do not wish to see their children after the separation. And some parents have been barred from seeing their children by the other parent.

And they want to know. If that gives them the ability. To stop paying child support payments. The fast and easy answer says divorce lawyer. Is no, under no circumstances. If one parent does not see their children.

Does not turn them the right to not pay child support. They should continue paying child support. Even if they legally give up their parental rights. Because they created life, and they should be obligated to that life indefinitely.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Reasonable Child Support Realities For Parents

Child support is a reality says divorce lawyer Edmonton. When parents are divorcing. Some parents mistakenly believe. That child support only has to be paid says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Until the child is of legal age.

However, this is one of the many misconceptions. While in many circumstances. Child support does in fact and when the child is of legal age. Which in Alberta, is eighteen years.

However, both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. State several provisions. Where children over the age of eighteen. Our continued to receive child support payments.

Or the parent that they live with continue to receive child support payments. One such instance, is if the child. It is enrolled in postsecondary education. Especially when they are enrolled, directly out of high school.

It does not matter if they are enrolled in postsecondary institution such as a trade school. Or if they are enrolled in university or college, it can obligated. The other parent to pay child support as long as they are enrolled.

And depending on how long their course is, it could be. That they are entitled to child support until the ripe age of twenty-five years. As well, as outlined in the divorce and family Law act of Alberta.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says if a child is economically or otherwise dependent. On the parent for any reason. Such as disability for example. Then it may obligate the other parent. For paying child support indefinitely, for the rest of the child’s life.

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Therefore, before any parent makes the assumption. That they can stop paying child support. On the child’s eighteenth birthday. They should contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And petition the court to let them know. When they can stop paying child support.

Another thing that parents should know. Is if they stop paying child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Without informing the court and getting their approval. It is going to trigger. What is called the maintenance enforcement program.

Maintenance enforcement program is an organization in the province of Alberta. And their entire purpose for existing. Is enforcing delinquent child support orders. They have significant authority says divorce lawyer Edmonton

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That they can utilize to enforce child support payments. Including threatening, and following through on. Suspending a person’s drivers license, confiscating their passport. Garnishing their wages.

And in some circumstances, sees their assets and more. They not only can withhold these things from a person. But they can also threaten to keep them. Until a person pays all of the child support that they owe.

Up to and including all of the retroactive payments they owe. If they have over child support for many years. They can be held responsible. For paying all of the child support from many years ago says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance. That parents do not stop child support payments. Without asking for the court’s approval. Otherwise, they could find themselves without a drivers license or worse.