Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Support Info

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Support Info

Even though many parents may think they know says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Child support is actually complex. And is different from one province to the next. As well as different than happens in the United States.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Many people think they know how to handle child support. From television and movies, but the laws in Alberta are different. And people should understand the laws. As they pertain to their situation says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Whether parents are divorcing legally. Or their common-law and are separating. Child support is an important issue. That will be dealt with the exact same way. Both of the law acts can be found for free online.

The divorce act of Alberta, and the family Law act of Alberta. Section 3 will outline. How child support must be calculated. One of the first things that people need to do. When they decide to separate or divorce.

Is figure out, at least in the interim. Where the children are going to be living. The reason why this is necessary as a first step says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is because this will influence who pays child support.

However, parents do not need to panic. In thinking that whatever they decide. It must be permanent, this can always be changed. And in most cases, it will change several times. Throughout the child’s life, depending on circumstances.

Therefore, parents should not worry that this is going to be. A situation that must be permanent. It is simply important that the courts. Figure out a child support calculation.

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The reason why figuring out to child support is so important. Is it because it is considered to be. The right of the child to have both parents. Contribute to their upbringing, and child support is the legal mechanism.

To ensure that this is happening consistently. It is less about the money. And more about having a way to ensure. That both parents can be contributing to the life that they created together. This is why when child support is calculated.

They look at where the child is living, and the parent. That has the child less often. Will be the one that pays. So that they are seen as contributing equally. However, more and more these days parents are sharing access.

And when parents share equal access, it is called set off child support. That they have to pay, under section 9 of both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. The parent who earns more money. Will be the one paying child support.

And the amount they pay, will be based on a percentage. Of the difference between income. Between the higher income earner. And the lower income earner.

This can be a complex situation. However, parents who have questions can direct them. To divorce lawyer Edmonton, at the Law alliance. They can arrange a free one hour consultation. To ask all of their burning questions.

At the end of the consultation, they can either navigate the legal system on their own. Or they can helpfully retain one of the divorce lawyer Edmonton lawyers that they met with. In order to have a helpful guiding hand. Through this complex and difficult situation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Support Information For Parents

Even though many parents may agree with each other says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they do not require the money that child support will bring in. However, this is not a decision that they can make.

To waive child support for one parent or the other. The reason why, is because according to the law. Child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents are contributing to the child’s life.

This is why even if a parent does not see their child. Through their own will or not. Or even if the parent is willing to relinquish. Their parental rights legally. They still will be required to pay child support.

It is very important that parents hear from their divorce lawyer Edmonton. That if one spouse prevents visitation. That does not give the other spouse the right. To stop paying their court mandated child support.

And while it is not appropriate. For one parent to withhold access to the child. The appropriate way to handle this. Is to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court to inform them that access has not been granted.

If a parent has stopped paying child support. It is also inappropriate for the parent. To deny them access to their child. Access and child support payments are mutually exclusive according to the law.

Therefore, whether someone stops paying child support. Or denies access, the appropriate response. Is to go to court. And sort the situation out there. However, there are more questions that parents have.

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As it pertains to child support?. Including who has to pay for extracurricular activities? Is this something that is the responsibility of the parent with more access. Is it the responsibility of the parent who pays child support??

Ultimately, extracurricular activities are considered child support under section 7 of the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. And it specifies that both parents contribute to extracurricular activities.

That can include, but are not limited to lessons, sports teams. Even after school care, or daycare. Both parents must submit their revenue to the court. And they will pay a percentage based on what they can afford.

The parent that has most access. Will be the one that can dictate what extracurricular activities. The children are put into, but if both parents. Cannot pay for the entire cost of their activities together.

Or if one parent cannot afford to pay for any of the extracurricular activities. Then the court will not force anyone to pay more than they can afford. It can be a contentious issue admits divorce lawyer Edmonton.

However, by knowing the law. And having a great lawyer on your side. Can help ensure that the situation proceeds as smoothly as can be possible.

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It is important for both parents to understand that they must disclose their finances. To the court, and their ex spouse. In order to appropriately calculate child support.