Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Regulations

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Regulations

Even though child support is quite straightforward says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It can be confusing to people who do not know the law. Combine that with misinformation from television and movies.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And there is no wonder why many parents. Do not know how to handle various aspects. Of child support law. One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants to share with all parents.

Is that child support is actually a function of the law. Tech to the rights of the children. Is the children’s right. In order to have both parents contribute to the necessities of life including food, clothing and shelter.

Therefore, child support is not something. That can be negotiated away. Or parents come up with their own agreement. In order to avoid or waive. Understanding that in all circumstances, parents will have to pay child support.

Can help ensure that they not only pay. They can avoid stopping the payments. Even if they think they are justified in doing so. And remain amicable, during this extremely difficult time and their families life.

One of the first things that parents need to understand. Is that where the children are living. Are going to impact child support. The reason why, is because if the children are living with one parent.

More than 60% of the time, the other parent is the one that pays child support. However, in the current day and age. Parents are sharing access equally. And in that case, child support will be calculated a different way.

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The second thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants parents to know. Is that access and child support. Our two mutually exclusive things. If a person is not seeing their child, either because they do not want to.

As the other parent is keeping the child from them. This does not give them the right. To stop paying child support. The law looks at these two issues as separate and mutually exclusive.

Therefore, if a person is not allowing visitation. Or not paying child support. That is a good opportunity to go back to court. And inform them of the circumstances. So that the situation can be handled properly, and legally.

Once parents know where the children are living. At least for the time being. They will be able to calculate child support. Knowing full well, that child support can easily be recalculated.

If anything changes in the future. Both parents will get a notice to disclose. Or a request for financial documents in the mail. Which not only requires them legally. To share their financial information with the court.

But they must share this information with each other. failure to do so, does not get a person out of their child support judgement. It simply ensures that the judge will come up with figure they think is reasonable.

If parents have any questions about child support or the process. The expert lawyers at eLaw Alliance Edmonton will be more than happy. To answer all questions. Call in order to book your consultation with this group of great lawyers today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Regulations That Are Important To Know

When parents are separating or divorcing it is a hard time admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. But what makes it easier, is knowledge of the law. And understanding what they must do and avoid.

Child support is mandatory, because it is considered. To be the right of the child. To have both parents contribute to their upbringing. Therefore, parents may be more understanding.

To facilitate the child support process. Another thing that they should understand is that child support and access are considered to separate issues. Unfortunately, there are many situations. Where the parent who is.

Supposed pay child support does not, and they need to understand. What the legal ramifications are. In hopes that parents who are tempted. To stop paying child support will understand. Why that is a bad idea, and avoid doing it.

One of the first things that people should know. Is that if they stop paying child support. It triggers the maintenance enforcement program. This is in Alberta agency whose sole purpose. Is actually enforcing child support orders.

This organization has a lot of authority to do so. And may suspend a person’s drivers license. Confiscate their passport, and even have the government. Garnish their wages and sees their assets and more.

Therefore, it is never a good idea. For a parent to stop paying child support. If the reason they are tempted to stop paying. Is because they are in some financial difficulties. It is much better for the parent.

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To simply go to court with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And inform the court of their difficulties. They often are able to get a reduced child support amount temporarily. Or, get an excused absence.

For a few months. Until there financial circumstances change. When they improve their financial circumstances. They will be able to enter into a payment plan. To pay back the child support they missed during their time off.

And if a parent has changed their job. And is now making less money. There divorce lawyer Edmonton can help them. Apply with the court have their child support permanently reduced.

Parents should understand that child support is not considered a penalty. And therefore, it is not a fine that cannot be reduced. All they have to do. Is simply have an open line of communication. With the court system.

And they will be able to adjust things as their life changes. If a parent decides to avoid paying child support. By fleeing the country. They may be shocked to discover.

That thanks to what is called a reciprocating jurisdiction. Child support orders will still be upheld in those other countries. There are hundreds of countries that share reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada.

Therefore, fleeing the country. Is not a reliable way to get out of paying child support. Basically the law says if you create life, you will be responsible for it. For more answers to legal questions, call the experts at eLaw Alliance in Edmonton today.