Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Welfare And Protection

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Welfare And Protection

Child welfare is an extremely large area of law says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And the act that governs this is called the child youth family and enhancement act.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

If anyone has any questions about child welfare, protection and safety issues relating to children in this province. They can look at the entire act themselves. As it can be found online for free.

While this is a very comprehensive document. Anyone that has specific questions, or may have seen a child in need of intervention. Or is currently experiencing an investigation by child and family services.

Should get legal advice themselves. And while it may be difficult for many people to be able to afford a lawyer. There are many legal agencies across Alberta. That can help parents for free. If they have any questions or concerns with child welfare.

Ultimately, if there is an investigation by child and family services. This is because somebody has made a complaint to the government. That there is reasonable grounds to believe that the safety of a child is in danger.

With how serious that allegation is. The governmental send out a worker from the child and family services agency. That will allow them to investigate the complaint very thoroughly.

They may speak to the child as well as the parents or guardians of the child. Speak to family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles or even the child’s siblings.

They will also talk to anyone who might be a witness. Such as teachers, baby sitters and even neighbours. The goal of Child and family services will be to investigate the validity of the complaint.

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And if the complaint is based in some fact, they can handle the situation in one of two ways. The first according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is to draft up an agreement called a family enhancement agreement.

That specifies the problems that they found that put the child in danger. And all of the steps that a parent or guardian can take to remove that danger from their child’s life.

Conditions can include things like taking a parenting course, that can help a parent or guardian develop the skills they need. To raise a child in a safe environment.

Or, child and family services may require parents or guardians to go through counselling, such as addictions counselling. That may be impacting their ability to parent their child effectively.

This document will have timelines in which parents and guardians need to have the conditions cleared by. And once they have completed them. Child and family services will reevaluate the situation.

And they can close the situation, if the child no longer requires intervention. However, any parent who receives a family enhancement agreement. Should get independent legal advice. In order to understand exactly what the document is specifying.

Because once they sign this document, it becomes legally binding. So having someone on their side, helping them make that decision. Can be very beneficial says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Ultimately, everybody’s goal will be keeping the child as safe as possible. And hiring a lawyer to help ensure that happens. Can be a great step towards this goal.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Welfare And Protection In Alberta

There are many different ways that children can be protected by law within Alberta according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And the law that helps protect children is called the youth family and enhancement act.

Not only is this an extremely in-depth and comprehensive act. There is also many different government agencies. That are tasked with ensuring the welfare of the children in the province is being looked after.

While there are several different government agencies. The umbrella term for them all is child and family services. Their goal, will be to investigate any instances where a claim is made that a child is in need of intervention.

Create documents that can help create a plan. The plan would be on how to make and keep that child safe. As well as going to court, to advocate on behalf of that child. If there is no other way to help make them as safe as possible.

When child and family services end up going to court over the safety of a child. This either happens because the family enhancement agreement. The parents or guardian were asked to sign. Was not signed, says divorce our Edmonton.

Or, the situation that they saw, made it very important that they act extremely quickly. In order to remove that child from danger as quickly as possible. When this is their decision. They will file for something called an apprehension order.

This must be granted by a judge. Who looks at the evidence that the child and family services agency collected. Throughout the entirety of their investigation.

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Not only will this allow the government agency to remove children from a dangerous situation immediately. Guardians and parents will not get notification that this is happening. Until after the children have been removed from their care.

However, this is not a permanent removal of the children. Once they have removed the children, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that child and family services organization must act within forty-two days. To make an application to the court. On what they want to happen.

There is one of three orders that they can file. One is the supervision order. Which allows the children to remain in the custody of the parents or guardian. While they complete conditions to make the child safe.

The temporary guardianship order, which allows the children to stay with other family members or to be in foster care. While the parents or guardians complete conditions to help make the situation safe for their child.

Or, a permanent guardianship order. Which will strip the parents or guardians of their parental rights immediately. And is considered a termination of parental rights.

Because of how serious all of these applications are. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says if a parent or guardian is going to court because of an investigation completed by child and family services.

They recommend hiring a lawyer, or finding a legal organization that can give them legal help. So that they can effectively argue their position before a judge. And at the very least, have their side and story heard by a judge. Who will then make a decision in the child’s best interest.