Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Must Always Be Paid

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Must Always Be Paid

Child support issues can be confusing admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. And even though the child support laws are outlined clearly. In the divorce act of Alberta. And the family Law act of Alberta.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Without the help of a lawyer. It can be very difficult to understand. As well as the misconceptions that are common. From popular culture, and misunderstand.ngs from hearing other people in the same situations.

The first thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents should understand. Is that there is very rarely any situations. Where a parent can get out of. Paying child support if they owe it.

The reason why, is because child support is considered to be. A right of the child to receive. And is not considered punitive payment. Or payment to the other parent.

The law protects the children. By saying both parents are legally obligated. To financially support that child. Therefore, they must pay child support. Until the courts say the child longer requires it.

This leads to the first misconception. Many people assume. That when the child is of legal age. In Alberta, that age is eighteen years. They are done paying child support any longer.

This is sometimes true. But not always. There are many different sections and provisions. In both the divorce act. And the family Law act that specifies. When child support must continue. To be paid.

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For example, if a child is going. To post secondary institutions. They may be required. To continue to receive child support. For a few years. Or until they are done there schooling.

As well, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton, many children. Who are financially dependent on their parents. For specific reasons. After they are eighteen. May be entitled to receive child support for years afterwards.

Therefore, parents should not make the assumption. That they do not own child support. Once their child is of legal age in Alberta. They should consult with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they do not end up not paying.

When they actually owe child support further. Another misconception of child support. Is that the parent who has the majority of the access. Must pay for all extracurricular activities themselves.

Extracurricular activities might include sports activities. Music or art lessons. Just to name a few things. And while the parent who has access. May be paying for all of these expenses themselves.

According to the divorce act. As well as the family Law act in Alberta. Both parents are actually required. To contribute to these extracurricular activities. Even if the parent that does not have access.

Majority of the time does not agree with those extracurricular activities. How the payment is calculated. Is by looking at each parents income. As well as what they can financially afford.

Then, it will be a percentage. Based on what they can afford. But if it is reasonable for both to pay. They both are required to contribute to these expenses. For more questions, people can contact the Law alliance.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Must Be Paid Always

Child support is a contentious issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And more parents often try to get out of paying it. Which leads to more problems. Then they should be dealing with.

Often, when a relationship ends. Whether it is a common-law relationship. Or if people are getting a legal divorce. They are very upset with each other. And are not wanting to cooperate.

They often look at child support. As a payment to their ex spouse. And therefore, something they do not want to do. Whether they want to make their exes life difficult. Or because they are angry.

They often see child support. As an easy way to upset them. Or get back at them for their perceived transgressions. Unfortunately, this does not bode well in the court of law. When people play these games.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says child support. Is actually seen as a right of the child. And a legal obligation that parents. Our rarely ever able to get out of. If they stop paying child support.

They can expect to be contacted. By an agency in Alberta. Called the maintenance enforcement program. This organization has significant legal authority. In order to encourage people to pay their child support.

Firstly, they can do things such as suspended person’s drivers license. Secondly, confiscate parents’ passports, meaning they can no longer drive their vehicle legally. And they cannot leave the country while they owe child support.

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Importantly, parents in arrears must pay the amount of child support that they are required to. Even if they are several years in arrears. Before they can get their drivers license back. Or, if they can get their passport back.

Thirdly, maintenance enforcement can also seize a person’s assets, and  more. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says this can be such a disastrous turn of events. In a person’s life however, that the best way to avoid it. Is to simply pay the child support they owe.

They can also seize a person’s assets, and even more. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says this can be such a disastrous turn of events. In a person’s life, that the best way to avoid it. Is to simply pay the child support they owe.

If they can no longer make those payments. Because they lost a job. Or they got a new job where they were making less money. The responsible thing to do is to go to court. To inform them of that change.

Because child support is not seen as a penalty. If someone has changes to their circumstances. The court is more than happy. To adjust the amount of child support they have to start paying.

But, if a person simply reduces the amount themselves. Or stops paying if they lose a job. They will find themselves in a lot of trouble. Moreover, the best thing to do, is for parents to remain amicable.

And inform the court at all times of the circumstances. In conclusion, if parents have a wildly fluctuating income. They can also inform the court. And concessions can be made. To ensure they pay fairly based on this fluctuation.