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It is important to find the truth says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Especially as it relates to children in a divorce or separation. Many parents may not even realize. The obligation they have to their children from the relationship.
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According to the law, at least in Alberta. Both parents are legally obligated. To care for the life that they created together. And child support is a legal mechanism that they use. To ensure that can happen.

Therefore, when parents are separating or divorcing. They may not realize. That they remain obligated to other children. Or that the function of child support. Is to ensure that their child remains cared for by them.

They often think of child support. As a payment to the other parent. And they can get very bitter or upset. Continuing to pay their exes significant other. Long after the relationship has soured.

They also may use child support. As well as the access to the child. As a way to upset, or controlled the other parent. Something that the court system in Alberta. Whether it is the provincial court.

Or the Court of Queen’s bench frowns upon significantly. Under no circumstances should parent ever. Decide to stop paying child support. If that is the case, the other parent should take their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And inform the court of this circumstance.

Some parents may decide to withhold child support. Because a parent has withheld access. And instead of withholding child support. The appropriate course of action. Is instead contacting their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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In informing the court that they are no longer allowing access. In order to go about gaining access in the legal way. If a person stops paying child support. Because there spouse is not allowing access.

Or if the opposite is true, a person stops allowing access. Because a parent is not paying child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is a circumstance. Of two wrongs not making a right. Both parents will get in legal trouble.

Typically, the parent who has. Child support that is owed, will be in a financially worse off position. And so it should be avoided by all costs. Ultimately, it is the child that in up being at a disadvantage when parents play these games the child or.

As well, some parents think that they will be able. To get out of paying child support. Through eye variety of different actions. Such as leaving the country. Whether they are leaving the country for work.

Or they are trying to flee their responsibility. Canada has what is called. A reciprocating jurisdiction with other countries. Which means they agree to uphold legal agreements like child support. From one country to the next.

Therefore, if a parent flees Canada. And goes to a country. That has reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada. Then they will still be required to pay child support, according to the laws in the country that they now live in.

Rather than try to find a way. To get out of paying for the life they created. Parents should instead understand the laws. And ensure that they are maintaining those laws. And respecting the life that they created together.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Info For Everyone To Understand

There are many important facts about child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents should understand. Even before they start the divorce or separation process. While it is usually a very emotional time.

And many parents are having a hard time. Understanding the law will ensure that they act in accordance with it. One of the first things that a divorce lawyer says parents should understand. Is that child support is a right of the child.

It is not payment from one parent to the other. In order to pay for their child’s upbringing. And as such, parents cannot dictate to the other. How child support can or cannot be spent.

This might cause one parent to be very upset. That their paying a lot in child support. And yet the parent that is receiving it. Is not spending at way that the other parent would like to see.

This is not up to the parent who pays child support to dictate.

In fact, according to the law. Child support is to offset the cost. Of the necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter. The law operates on the assumption. That the necessities of life are already being provided.

Therefore, when a parent receives their child support payment. It is to pay them back. For already providing the necessities of life. Therefore, it does not matter how the parent utilizes that money.

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It is not up to anyone to dictate. How they should be spending it. Even if they spend it frivolously. Or on themselves. However, that does come with a bit of a double edged sword so to speak says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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If a parent wants to ever go back to court. And ask for more child support. Because they deem it is not enough. The judge will typically ask to see. Documentation of what they have spent the money on.

And if they cannot provide satisfactory evidence. That they have spent the money on the children. They may not get more money. However, if the parent has spent the money on the children appropriately.

But the parent requires more. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they may in fact be assessed. With a higher child support payment. It always pays. To watch but parents are doing with the money that they receive.

It is also very important to note. That under no circumstances. Can a parent just stop paying child support. If they are experiencing financial hardship. They can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And arrange to have child support payments reduced. Either permanently, temporarily. Or they could take a break from paying. For a few months. As long as they promise to pay for the child support.

That they should have paid. When they were taking a break. The sooner both parents can find out the facts. About child support. The sooner they are going to be able to do the right thing.

And ensure that they care for their child even though there are no longer living together says divorce lawyer Edmonton.