Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Calculating Your Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Calculating Your Child Support

Child support is very serious says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And must be taken that way, by all parents. Child support is the legal mechanism. That ensures both people who create life. Are legally responsible for it.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Therefore, one common misconception. That many parents have. In that child support does not need to be paid. If they do not see their child. Whether that is their own choice. Or if a parent is withholding access.

Regardless of how much or how little a parent sees their child. They are still on the hook. For the amount of child support the court deems necessary. Child support is calculated a variety of ways.

But typically, based on a person’s income. However, it is also not considered a penalty or punishment. And the courts want to work with the parents. To ensure that the amount of child support they pay.

Is reasonable, at all times. Therefore if circumstances change. People should feel free to utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go back to court in order to let them know. Of their financial changes.

Another misconception that many people have about child support. Is that they can enter into an agreement. With the other parent, and simply not pay it. This is impossible. Because the nature of child support.

Is that it is a right of the child. And a parental obligation to care for life that you create. As well, while main child support payments. Are simply to offset the cost of food, clothing and shelter.

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There is also a second set of child support payments. That both parents can make. That covers the cost of things like extracurricular activities. Or additional expenses like daycare.

Regardless of what type of child support payments they are. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents need to understand. That failure to pay child support. Will result in significant legal difficulties.

For example, if a person stops paying child support. Whether they do not want to anymore. Or they are unable to. Due to financial difficulties. If they do not inform the court. It will trigger what is known as the maintenance enforcement program.

This is an agency within Alberta. Whose sole purpose is to ensure that. Child support orders are being carried out. They have significant authority. And can suspend a person’s drivers license.

If they are not paying child support. Maintenance enforcement can also confiscate a person’s passport, garnish their wages. As well as sees their assets. If the amount that they are required to pay.

Is beyond a person’s means, they will need to utilize divorce lawyer Edmonton. And apply through the courts to legally do’s that amount. However, before they get to that point. Parents who are finding themselves unable.

To pay for child support payments. Should go to court. And inform them of their difficulty. So that they do not get into legal trouble in the meantime. As well, any questions that people have. Can be answered by the experts at the law alliance, aided in Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Calculating Your Child Support Correctly

When people are separating or divorcing with children, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. They will need to understand the child support laws. So that they can adhere to the laws, and avoid legal difficulties.

When they separate or divorce. They will be required to disclose their financial information. Not just with the courts, but with each other as well. They will receive a notice to disclose in the mail.

Or a request for financial documents. And failure to do so, can lead to contempt of court charges. In addition to that, if a person does not have their financial information the judge may simply.

Assess their child support payments. And any amount the judge believes is fair and reasonable. They may look at their job, and figure out. Approximately how much someone in that role makes year.

Or they can even ask the other parent. How much they think that parent is making. In order to come up with an amount. To calculate child support payments. In almost all circumstances what ends up happening.

Is the parents that fails to disclose their finances. Will be assessed more child support. Then they would have otherwise, if they were simply disclosing. Their finances correctly from the beginning. In that case, a person can apply.

With their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And through the court system to reduce child support payments. But this is going to be a huge headache that is unnecessary. If they simply disclose their finances from the beginning.

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Another misconception that many parents have. Is that if one parent is on social assistance. They are not entitled to child support. This is absolutely not true. Nothing is going to excuse one parent from paying child support.

And when one parent is on government assistance. The parent that pays child support. Will simply send the money to the government, for the duration of them receiving social assistance.

The next thing that parents should keep in mind. Is that child support does not change. If they do not have access to their child. If a person withholds access, the other parent cannot decide to stop paying child support.

As well, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that child support. Does not necessarily end. When the child reaches the age of majority. Which in Alberta is eighteen years of age. For example, a child enrolled in postsecondary education.

Or if they are economically dependent on the parent. Or if they have a disability that limits their ability. To care for themselves. They may be entitled to get the child support payments. Until their twenty-five, or even older.

Parents should not make the assumption. That just because their child is of legal age. That they can stop paying child support. This is a great opportunity to go back to court. And find out the legal way to proceed.

So that they do not and triggering maintenance enforcement. Or, getting into legal trouble. Because of failure to pay, out of not having the right information. Any more questions can be directed to the experts at eLaw Alliance in Edmonton today.