Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Vital Child Support Realities


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Vital Child Support Realities

It is of utmost importance says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents pay child support. Child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents are financially contributing. The well-being of the life that they created together.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There are several things that are going to happen. When parents divorce or separate. The first thing that they will have to do. Is figure out, and inform the court. Through their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Where child or children are going to live.

The reason why, is because who pays child support. Is based on where the children are living. Parents do not need to panic if they have not figure this out lately yet. They can always talk to their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And go back to court in order to inform them. Of the changes, such as the living arrangements have changed. And then, child support can be recalculated. In fact, the court understands. That where children live might be in flux.

For many years, and therefore it is nothing that parents. Should be very concerned with. They just need to calculate child’s prepayments quickly. Therefore, figuring out where the child lives first is important.

If parents share access equally. Such as they both look after the child. 50% of the time, with the child living with one parent for one or two weeks. And then switching to the other parent for one or two weeks.

That is considered set off child support. Under section 9 of both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Set off child support is a calculation of child support. Based on who has the higher income.

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The parent who has higher income. Will pay child support. Based on a percentage of the difference between the two parents income. If parents do not have equal access to the child.

Such as a 60% and 40% split. Or 70%, 30% split. Then it will be child support. As calculated under section 3 of the divorce act of Alberta. Or the family Law act. In these circumstances, the parent who has access least.

Will pay child support. Based on a percentage of their income. The income that is calculated, is whatever is written. On line 150. Of their notice of assessment, from the last time they did their taxes.

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Therefore, once the parents have decided. Where the child is going to live. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they will likely receive. A notice to disclose. Or a request for financial documents in the mail. This is from the court system.

And is required, by both parents. By law to disclose. Their financial information. This is to ensure that the court can calculate child support fairly and accurately. If a parent fails to disclose their financial information.

They may think that they can get out of child support payments. But this is not true says divorce lawyer. It simply means that the judge has the authority. To assess them paying whatever they feel is accurate. For child support payments in the future.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | To Vital Child Support Realities

Whether parents are divorcing or separating, divorce lawyer Edmonton can help. Because when there are children involved. There are specific rights, as well as obligations. That they are legally beholden to.

Child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents are positively contributive. To the financial upbringing of their child. Even if parent has relinquished. Their parental rights. They are still required by law. To pay child support.

However, there is a lot of misconception about child support. And, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton many parents. Try to get out of paying this. It is rather unfortunate, because it is their obligation.

As a parent who created life. To contribute to that life. However, if divorce lawyer Edmonton can teach parents. But the truth is, perhaps fewer parents. Would shirk their responsibilities.

One of the most common misconceptions about child support. Is that it does not need to be paid. Once the child has reached the age of majority. Which in Alberta, that is eighteen years of age.

This might seem like it would make sense. And certainly, in many circumstances it is the truth. However, it is not accurate. According to both the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta.

There are several provisions included. That have child.support being paid. To child.en, or their parents. Even if they are over the age of eighteen. One given example, is if a child.

Is actually enrolled in postsecondary education institutions. It does not matter if it is a University, a college or even a trade school. If they are enrolled in higher education. The other parent may be obligated.

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To continue child support payments. To the child directly, or the other parent. Depending on a number of other factors. Therefore, if a parent makes the assumption. That a child no longer requires child support payments.

Because they are eighteen years old, they may find themselves. Back in court with their divorce lawyer Edmonton, having to pay fines as well as. Retroactive child support that they should have paid initially.

As well, if the child is economically or otherwise dependent on one parent. Then they may still require. Child support payments, indefinitely. It is up to the court to decide what economically or otherwise dependent means.

But certainly if the child is disabled in anyway, that will factor into the decision. Whether or not a child should still be entitled. To receive child support payments in the future.

Therefore, there are many circumstances. That are not as clear-cut as. Many parents may assume, therefore. Rather than assume, and end up in legal trouble. Parents can find out the truth for themselves.

If they are looking for a good lawyer, in order to get the truth. All they have to do is contact the Law alliance, located in Edmonton. Not only do they have a free one hour consultation.

But parents can retain a lawyer right from that meeting. In order to be properly represented throughout this difficult and tumultuous time.