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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | To Vital Child Support Affects

When parents are separating or divorcing, and there are children they should hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because there is important information. About child support that they need to decide upon.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

It can be very tricky, especially because many parents are unaware. That child support is actually a right of the child. And not something that they can go she ate away. Such as alimony in some cases.

Whether they are married or common-law. The laws concerning child support are the same. And they need to understand the reality of things. In order to avoid making costly mistakes says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

When parents are separating or divorcing. And children are involved. They will receive in the mail. A document called notice to disclose. Or a request for financial documents.

These are legal papers, requiring. Both parents to disclose their financial information yearly. Or in some circumstances, semiannually. The reason why they must disclose, both to the court but also to their former spouse.

Is to figure out how much child support payments are going to be. And who is going to have to be paying them. The first decision, is where the children are going to be living. And this does not have to be a permanent decision.

The parents can decide to change things. In the near or distant future as they wish. And then they can get their divorce or Edmonton. To file paperwork than the court system. To notify the of the change. And change child support payments as well.

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However, in many circumstances. A parent is hurt. And they do not want to pay child support for various reasons. And they will fail to disclose their financial information. With the other spouse. As well as with the court.

They may think that this is clever. And that they are going to be able to get out of paying child support. If the court system cannot figure out how much they owe. However, this does not work in any circumstance.

The judge is completely able to decide. How much child support they think. The other parent should pay. Based on any information they see fit. Including looking at their career, and figuring out.

Approximately how much their salary would be. Based on that job, anecdotal evidence from the former spouse. Or using any of their own best judgement. Therefore, a parent that thinks they can get out of paying child support.

Because they are not disclosing their finances. Will often end up paying more money. Because the judge almost always. Assesses them or in, than they actually are making. If they had disclose their finances in the first place.

They would not have to then use their divorce lawyer Edmonton. To disclose their finances to reduce child support payments. It is very important that both parents are as cooperative as possible.

So that they not only can divorce amicably. But so that children from their relationship. Can have as good a relationship between both parents as possible. Parents can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton if they have any further questions.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | To Vital Child Support Facts Parents Need To Know

Child support is considered a right of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And is one of the most serious considerations. When a divorce or separation is happening in the province of Alberta.

Under no circumstances can parents agree with each other. Or decide to not pay child support. For example, the parent that has access most of the time. Is more financially well-off than the other parent.

And did not lead child support. So they might say they do not have to pay. But this is not up to the parents to decide. Child support is a right of the child. To have both parents who created them.

Remain obligated to support them throughout their life. Therefore, parents cannot waive away their child’s rights. And so child support is a requirement. Until the child no longer needs it.

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And while many people. Can stop paying child support. When the child is of legal age in Alberta. Which is eighteen years of age in this province. However, if a child is enrolled in postsecondary education.

Whether that is University, College or trade school. They may be eligible to receive child support. Or have the parents that their living with receive child support. Until they are no longer enrolled in school says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

As well, if they are economically dependent on one parent for any reason. Including but not limited to various disabilities. A parent may have to pay child support indefinitely.

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Many parents have tried many things. In order to get out of paying child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And most of those things will have failed. There is the maintenance enforcement program in Alberta.

Which is an agency whose sole purpose. Is actually enforcing and collecting delinquent child support orders. They are granted significant authority within the province of Alberta. To enforce those orders.

Having the ability to suspend drivers licenses and confiscate passports. As well as garnish wages, and seize a parent’s assets, and more. It is far more advantageous if a parent cannot afford child support.

Such as they got a new job where they were making less money. They got laid off from their job. Or they are currently going through financial hardships at the current time. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they are fully within their rights.

To petition the court to reduce their child support payments. Either permanently, or on a temporary basis. This is well within their rights. And it will not trigger the maintenance enforcement program.

As well, if a parent thinks that they can flee the country. And get away with not paying child support. This is also ineffective. Canada has what is called a reciprocating jurisdiction. With hundreds of countries throughout the world.

Which means if they flee to another country. They are still going to be required by that country. To pay the child support orders of this one. Parents can ask their divorce lawyer Edmonton all the questions they need.

During their free one hour consultation. To ensure they do not make important child support mistakes. Call eLaw Alliance today to get started.