Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Lawful Child Support Realities

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | To Lawful Child Support Realities

Parents may have incorrect assumptions about child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Therefore, if people are divorcing or separating. And children are involved, they should find out the truth.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Some people get their information from the media. Which may come from other provinces. Or other countries, like the United States. And they could be listening to anecdotal stories from others.

About their child support frustrations or fights. However, men of these should be taken as truth. Especially since child support laws change from one province to the next. And certainly change from Canada to the United States.

Therefore, the only place that a person. Should be getting their facts about child support. Would be from their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. That way, they can get the correct information. And act accordingly.

The reason why they should do this, is because child support especially. Has a lot of misconceptions, and a lot of people. Have a lot of anger towards it for various reasons. Many people have heard about deadbeat parents, who failed to pay child support.

Without understanding all of the mechanisms behind it. Therefore, finding out the truth of child support. As it relates to Alberta law, is important. To ensure that both parents. Can uphold their rights and obligations.

As well as ensure that they avoid getting into legal trouble. For failing to do the right thing. One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants both parents to know. Is that child support is actually the right of the child to be receiving.

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While a payment goes to one parent. In order to offset the costs of food, clothing and shelter. Provide the necessities of life for the child. It is not a payment to the parent. But on behalf of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

In fact, it is one of the most fundamental rights of the child. That is upheld in both provincial and Court of Queen’s bench in Alberta. That child’s rights will be protected first and foremost.

Therefore, child support is the legal mechanism in which. The law can ensure both parents. Our financially and positively contributing. To the life, and necessities of life for the life they created.

How child support is calculated. Depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, where the child lives. When the child lives with one parent most of the time. On a 60% to 40% split or more says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

The parent that has the child less time. Is the one that pays child support. It is calculated very simply. Based on a percentage of the parents income. As taken from line 150. Of their notice of assessment.

And it is a percentage for each child that they have. Although more parents are sharing access equally. Child support is calculated slightly differently in this case. And is called set off child support.

The parent that earns more money. Will be the one that pays child support. In order to ensure both parents are contributing is equally as possible. To the life that they created together.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Lawful Child Support Realities

Creating life should not be done lightly says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And caring for the life that one creates, is the fundamental reason behind child support in Alberta.

However, there is a lot of misconceptions about child support. That can end up with a parent. Doing the wrong thing. And ending up legal hot water. Child support must always be paid. Even if parents agree that they do not need it.

Because it is quite simply, the way the courts can ensure. Parents are positively could tripping. To the life that they created. And in most circumstances, no problems are going to arise. When it comes to child support in relationships.

However, this is not always the case. And some people and up. Doing the incorrect thing. Often out of misinformation and not malice. Therefore, divorce lawyer says by learning the truth about child support.

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Both parents can do the right thing. And avoid getting into legal trouble. The first thing that parents need to understand. Is that although child support is a percentage. Of their income.

It is also not considered a penalty. It is not punitive in nature. Therefore, if a person’s financial circumstances change. For example they get laid off, lose their job. Get another job they make less money for example.

Or if they are in financial hardship, such as they are responsible. For being the sole caregiver for an ill parent. They should talk to their divorce lawyer. Who will go to court and inform them of the changes.

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In the courts will be more than amicable about reducing child support payments either temporarily. Or permanently. Depending on the scenario and the parents. under no circumstances is it ever allowed says divorce lawyer.

For one parent to simply decide they cannot afford it. And then stop paying child support. If this happens, it will typically trigger. What is called the maintenance enforcement program. This is a program in Alberta.

And it has significant authority. To encourage delinquent child support pays. To pay the child support they owe. The authority that the maintenance enforcement program radishes. Is quite significant, allowing them.

To garnish wages, sees assets. Suspend drivers licenses. As well as confiscate passports, and more. They can take these things. And then use them as bargaining chips. To encourage them to pay child support that they owe.

If they have not paid in many years. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they can withhold these things. Until a person has paid all of the child support that they do own. Therefore, if they want to avoid getting chased.

The maintenance enforcement program. Parents can simply contact the court. If their finances ever change. As well, parents need to understand. That they may child’s court well after their child is over eighteen years of age.

Which is why it is always most important. For parents to find out the truth about child support. And if that means talking to their divorce lawyer Edmonton to do so, that is what they should be doing.