Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Great Child Support Realities

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Great Child Support Realities

While nobody wants to get divorce says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It is a reality for more families every year. And when there are children involved, it can be even more complex.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The most important thing that parents should keep in mind. Is that child support is the right of the child. And the court systems will protect. The rights of children first and foremost.

Therefore, they should get it out of their heads. That it is a bargaining chip. As well as it is not something that they can negotiate away. Or use as a penalty for their other parent. If they deny access for example.

How divorce lawyer Edmonton says the courts will calculate child support. Is based on where the child is living. This does not mean that where the child is living currently. Needs to be permanent. But if it changes in the future.

Parents can inform the court, and ask for child support. To be reassessed at that time. The reason why they need to figure out. Where the child is living, is because that is how. Child support.is initially calculated.

If parents share access equally. Which is more and more common these days. The child lives with one parent for one or two weeks. And then moves to the other parent’s house for another one or two weeks.

And incidentally, this is the scenario. That the courts prefer seeing. Because the courts figure what is in the best interest of the child. Is having as much access to both parents as much as possible. Is the best thing for the child.

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While many parents might make the incorrect assumption. That child support does not need to be paid in this circumstance. That is not accurate at all. It will be paid slightly differently than many parents might realize.

But when parents share access, the parent who is the higher income earner. Will be the one who pays child support. And how it is calculated. Is by calculating the difference in income. Between both parents.

And then, child support is assessed. As a percentage of the difference between the two. And what is calculated as a parents income. Is whatever is online one hundred and fifty. Of their notice of assessment.

On the last time that they taxes were completed. So once they figure out where the child is living. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they are likely going to get. A notice to disclose in the mail.

Which is required by law. For parents to disclose. Not just to the court, but to each other. Yearly or semi annually. This financial information. That way, child support can be calculated fairly and accurately.

If access is not shared equally. The parent who has access the least. Is the parent that pays child support. And they will pay, based on their income. As taken from line 150. Of that notice of assessment of taxes.

Parents who have any questions about this process. Are encouraged to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. At the law alliance, during their free initial consultation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Great Child Support Realities

Child support is unavoidable says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If parents are divorcing, or separating. While nobody wants to get divorce. And even fewer parents are hoping to get divorced.

This is a difficult reality for many. However, it does not need to be difficult. And a lot of hardship, and hard feelings. Can be avoided. When parents understand the law behind child support.

For example, many people may not understand. That child support is actually the right of the child. All children are born with this right. Have both parents. Contribute to their financial well-being.

And when parents divorce, child support becomes. The legal mechanism that the courts used to ensure that this right is upheld. This is why child support cannot be negotiated away. As well child support cannot.

The walked away from, even if a parent. Decides to walk away from their parental obligations. They are still going to be required. To pay child support on an ongoing basis. Knowing that, both parents may avoid.

The pettiness of withholding access and withholding child support to each other. In order to penalize the other parent. For some perceived wrong that they did. If one parent is withholding access or child support.

The appropriate response is actually contacting their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And going to court to inform them. That there ex-spouse is withholding a right to them. Something else that parents should keep in mind.

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Is that they may have to continue paying child support. Well after their child reaches the age of majority. Which in Alberta, that is eighteen years of age. Many people incorrectly assume says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

That their child no longer requires child support payments. Once they are eighteen years of age. However, under both the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta.

Provisions are laid out, related to child support being paid. Even after children are eighteen years of age or older. There are a wide variety of scenarios. Some that include if a child. Is enrolled in postsecondary education.

Regardless of whether it is a trade school, university or college. And they may be entitled to receive child support. Until they are twenty-five years of age for example. As well, if a child remains financially or emotionally the pendant.

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On one parent for any reason. Which may include, but is not limited to. A disability, then a parent may be required. To pay child support indefinitely. Therefore, parents should never make the assumption that they will automatically be done child support.

When their child is of age. As well, parents need to continue paying child support. Even if one parent is on social assistance. And there are many other circumstances. To find out the truth about child support.

Parents should contact their own divorce Edmonton at the elaw alliance. They can find out all of the answers to their burning questions. And then, retained a lawyer from that consultation. To help them through this difficult time.