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It is hard enough to have come to the decision to split up from your spouse, agrees divorce lawyer Edmonton expert, Janan Jarrah, of eLaw Alliance in downtown Edmonton. Not only are you feeling alone, but you also feel lost, and don’t know where to turn for legal advice. Especially if you don’t already know for a fact that you want a divorce. Just finding the correct and unbiased information can seem daunting.

Worse, many people believe that to even find the answers to their multitudes of questions, they will need to pay a retainer, or pay high fees just to talk to an expert. And if they try to find the answers on their own, who knows if they will end up getting correct, current information specific to Alberta, and their own unique circumstances. That’s why finding a great divorce lawyer Edmonton expert is so important.

How long before you can start a divorce

They can be that all important life line to help you understand the process. For example, must you be separated first, before starting the divorce procedure? If so, how long – six months? A year? When in fact, says expert divorce lawyer Edmonton Jarrah, is that you don’t have to be separated at all to start the process. But by the time the divorce is granted, the separation period must be a year. And if there are children from the marriage, then it gets even more complex with child support payments, access and more.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Get Accurate Information

As well, many people don’t understand the separation process. What is the point of the separation, to reconcile, or to start the divorce process? Do you need to take legal action with your own divorce lawyer Edmonton in order to separate? What constitutes a legal separation? What if you can’t afford to separate? These are just some of the questions that many people who are thinking about, or ready to separate, or get a divorce have says Jarrah, the expert divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And while the answers can be found online – for example, on the CanLii website at www.CanLii.org. Not only is the Divorce Act of Alberta available for free on this website for reference and research, but also the Family Law Act as well. However, some people might find understand the legal speak and legal terms difficult to understand, which is why having a great lawyer at your disposal can be such a vital source of information.

What is the difference between divorce and separation

You will be able to ask about scenarios, or find out the difference between divorce and separation. As well as when you are eligible for either, and what legal steps you will need to take. And while many people are nervous to start spending money, they should consider what the more expensive scenario is – getting proper and accurate device and separating or divorcing correctly? Or guessing, and making costly mistakes.

Divorcing in Alberta

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Laws Change Over Time

This is why the legal divorce lawyer Edmonton experts at eLaw Alliance offer free one hour consultations. You can ask all your burning questions, and get a straight, and legally accurate answer by someone who knows the legal system in Alberta inside and out. Once you get this accurate legal information, you will be able to decide what your next steps are, and if you decide to proceed with the separation or divorce at any time, you can ask the divorce lawyer Edmonton expert you spoke with at your consultation to be your legal representation.

Avoid scenarios of taking anecdotal evidence at face value, or assuming you know what to do based on media like movies or television. Not only do laws change from Canada to the United States – where most of our media comes from. But laws change from one province to the next, and the laws get updated on a regular basis. Therefore, what happened ten years ago with your aunt in Nova Scotia may have no bearing on your own situation advises, Jarrah, the divorce lawyer Edmonton expert at eLaw Alliance.

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Even if you are not sure what your next steps might be, get correct legal advice for your circumstances. That way, when you are ready to make a decision, you are deciding from a place of knowledge, and knowledge is power. If you would like more information, or to set up a consultation, contact the experts at eLaw Alliance in Edmonton. They will be more than happy to get you accurate advice any time.