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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Family Law in Alberta

While divorces need to happen at the highest authority court, the Court of King’s Bench, says divorce lawyer Edmonton expert, Janan Jarrah. Virtually any other family law matters, from separation, child support or access issues can be dealt with provincially. The laws surrounding family law in Alberta are collectively known as the Family Law Act of Alberta.

Anyone can read any part of the Family Law Act of Alberta for free online, on a website called CanLii. And while there is a lot of overlap with the Divorce Act of Alberta, if people are not legally divorcing, they don’t need to reference the divorce act at all. From separation, child support, child access and more, can all be found in the Family Law Act of Alberta.

However, the legal documents are written in legal language, and can be somewhat difficult to read and understand, which is why it’s so important to hire a knowledgeable professional to help. Such as the divorce lawyer Edmonton experts at eLaw Alliance in Edmonton. Not only do they have a great team, but they also offer a free one hour consultation, which can be an invaluable source of information for people at any part of their legal journey.

Common Law Couples May Need Family Law in Alberta Help

Even if couples were not legally married, and they are separation, they can separate legally, and therefore fairly with the Family Law in Alberta Act. While this is not a legal requirement, says Janan Jarrah, expert divorce lawyer Edmonton at eLaw Alliance. Especially if a couple has been together for a long time, or if issues arise during the separation, legal steps can be taken, and the Act of Family Law in Alberta will dictate the rights and obligations of each individual.

For example, once a couple divorces, one may be entitled to receiving alimony. And while alimony cannot be claimed by one partner in a common law relationship, because alimony is specific to marriage. Jarrah says that one partner may be entitled to what is called Adult Interdependent Partner Support Order, or a Support Agreement.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Family Law Is Important

It’s also important to note, that the Family Law in Alberta Act, as it now stands, came into existence in 2005. Until then, five different acts, with many different laws had to be consulted. The Family Law Act replaced the Maintenance Order Act, Domestic Relations Act, Parentage and Maintenance Act, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and finally, the Provincial Court Act. This more comprehensive act makes it easier to understand the laws surrounding families in this province.

However, rather than trying to read up on laws yourself, people who have legal family matters can get definitive help by hiring a great family lawyer, like the great divorce lawyer Edmonton such as eLaw Alliance. Janan Jarrah and her team not only offer free initial consultations, but they are a fount of knowledge and are more than happy to help people understand the situation, as well as their rights and their obligations.

Many Family Law Resources To Access

People who decide to handle family law in Alberta matters on their own may be pleased to find out that there is a wealth of help available to people who have not retained lawyers. Duty Counsel, for example can be accessed by those without legal representation. In many cases, if people would like to access Duty Counsel, they will be available on a first come, first served basis at the courthouse on the day of the scheduled court appearance.

In addition to Duty Counsel, there is the Elizabeth Fry Society If a person needs help during their family law issue, they can reach out to the society, and get answers, or get pointed in the right direction. If the people who are looking for help are first nations, aboriginal, Inuit or Metis, there are specific helping agencies there as well.

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Regardless of whether you decide to handle family law in Alberta matters on your own, or hire a professional, get the knowledge you need to make the best decisions. Read up on the Family Law Act of Alberta at www.CanLii.org and if you have any questions, contact an expert lawyer at eLaw Alliance. They will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.