Divorce Myths To Know

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Divorce Myths To Know

While many people have heard that half of all marriages end in divorce, says divorce lawyer Edmonton expert, Janan Jarrah, principal lawyer at eLaw Alliance. And while that makes for a sensational story, it’s not quite true. In fact, when it comes to divorce, many Canadians are simply misinformed when it comes to facts about divorce. There are many reasons for this, for example, people may not be aware when divorce laws change. And a huge reason for the misconception is that we as Canadians are bombarded with American entertainment.

The information may be true for the United States, or for that particular state the show is set in. But is it accurate for Canadians? Not always, says Jarrah.

Here are the most common divorce myths and misconceptions people have.

The first, and most common divorce myth is about how many Canadians actually get divorced. According to the Vanier Institute of the Family and their latest 2020, divorce rates are on the decline. The last major study, reporting on marriages in 2010 showed that even then, the divorce rate was not as large as some of the media might have you believe, at 40%. And with divorce rates dropping, in the past 10 years, a 35% divorce rate is a far cry from what many people have been told.

Statistics Don’t Show The Entire Picture

There is an inherent problem with looking at statistics like this, says divorce lawyer Edmonton expert, Jarrah. It ignores trends within the marriages and the information surrounding the data. For example, looking at the rates of divorce for couples under 35 are still on the higher side. Second marriages also tend to last much longer. And finally, the increase of common law relationships are helping fewer couples get married, because it is more socially acceptable to live together without marriage. In fact, Canada has more common law couples out of any of the G7 countries at 23%)

As well, Jarrah of eLaw Alliance, an expert divorce lawyer in Edmonton says that it will be very interesting to see how marriages have faired during the global pandemic that started at the beginning of 2020 and lasted well into 2022. As couples ended up living and working together every day, as people were laid off or worked from home, the data could show very interesting trends for this two-year period. The conclusion we can draw from all of this? Don’t let the statistics sway you from getting married. And these negative nay-sayers? You should ignore them too, things really aren’t as bad as they think they are.

Do You Need A Lawyer To Divorce

The second divorce myth is: do you need a lawyer to divorce? Many people have just assumed that this is the case, says divorce lawyer Edmonton Jarrah. They don’t even stop to consider that this assumption may not be true. This can be a huge benefit to couples who want out, but don’t have the funds to hire one lawyer, let alone two lawyers, one for each person. However, it does mean extra work. Such as going to the King’s Printer and ordering the forms you need to fill out to apply for a divorce, filing them at the court house, and serving your spouse with the divorce papers.

You will also need to appear in court yourself, says Janan Jarrah, expert divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which translates into lost wages, not to mention increased stress levels. However, when you hire a lawyer, all of the paperwork, filing and court appearances are handled for you. And while going without a lawyer can be an option for people who are in agreement with the terms of their divorce, and are splitting amicably, that’s very rare. And if you have property together, a business, or children, the complexity makes it almost impossible to do without

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Legal Help Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Which leads us to the next divorce myth: any legal help regarding your divorce comes at a high price. Many people think that for every question they have, their lawyer will charge them high fees, which makes them feel as though they can’t ask any questions, or they don’t have any other resources to help them. And that’s not true! While yes, your lawyer will charge you for time, says Jarrah, expert divorce lawyer Edmonton. That’s how they make their money, but there are many places you can go for advice and help.

First, the Divorce Act and Family Law Act of Alberta are available online for free. Visit CanLii.org in order to read up on the laws governing your situation. There is also Legal Aid Alberta, providing help for lower income earners. You can also access the Elizabeth Fry Society, a non-profit organization helping women. You can visit their main office, at the courthouse or their visitation center. Find contact information at: https://www.efrynorthernalberta.com/

Free Legal Help Is Available

There are also law students who offer their time to help people without legal representation. And if you’ve made far enough into your divorce without a lawyer, Duty Counsel will be able to help you out as well. Don’t feel as though you’re ever alone, says Jarrah, divorce lawyer Edmonton expert and owner of eLaw Alliance. You aren’t alone, even when things are difficult, just take note of where you can find help. Divorce is hard but finding help can ease some of the burden.

Another divorce myth that many people believe mistakenly, is that if their spouse will not agree to a divorce, they cannot get one. Divorce lawyer Edmonton expert Jarrah says this one is incredibly wide-spread, due to misinformation spread on television shows and movies. But it’s simply not true, there are grounds for divorce. Which means if this has happened in your marriage, you can file for divorce, regardless if your spouse has agreed to it or not.

Can You Get Divorced Without Your Spouse’s Approval

The grounds for divorce in Alberta is: you have been separated for at least one year; a spouse has committed adultery; and cruelty in the marriage. In fact, says divorce lawyer Edmonton, you don’t have to be separated for a full year before you start the process, just by the time the divorce is finalized, you must have lived apart for a year. Many people can start the process much sooner than they do. Visit https://www.alberta.ca/get-a-divorce.aspx to find out specifically what each grounds for divorce is defined as.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton hopes that the information can give comfort, support and direction for people who are feeling lost. Whether you actually do file for divorce or not, information and support are just a short phone call away. Get the facts before making any decisions. And you can get a free initial consultation at eLaw Alliance, which can be a huge help to many who are struggling.