Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Your Rights During Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Your Rights During Divorce

Divorces are often messy, but do not have to be says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Unfortunately, they often become complicated. And messy. When children are involved.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Many parents go to court. To fight for child support. And to enforce child support orders. When a little bit of cooperation. Can ensure. That the child is taken care of. And time does not have to be spent in a courtroom.

One of the first things. That divorce lawyer Edmonton wants divorcing parents to know. Is that they will be required. To disclose their financial information. To the other spouse, on a regular basis.

They may receive a letter in the mail. Indicating notice to disclose. Or, request for financial documents. This information will be reviewed. By the courts, in order to calculate. The child support that must be paid.

They will ask for this financial information. On a regular basis, such as yearly. Or, semi annually. To ensure the most accurate. And Fairchild support payments. Our calculated, and expected.

Some parents think that they can get out of paying child support. Simply by failing to disclose their financial documents. However, this is not a good idea says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Because it will go to court. And they will most likely. And up paying more money. Then they would have. If they had disclosed their income. In the first place. The reason why, is because when a person.

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Fails to disclose their financial information. A judge will preside over the courtroom proceedings. And listen to the other parent. Explain, how much money they think. The other parent is making.

They can use anecdotal information to explain. How much money they think their ex-spouse makes. And after listening to that. The judge will be able. To decide a child support payment they think is fair.

This is based on the parents profession. As well as what the ex-spouse says. About how much money. They think the ex-spouse makes. Therefore, chances are quite good. That the estimates will be high.

And the parent, who does not disclose. There financial information will be expected. To pay a much higher amount. Then they would, if they had simply. Disclosed their financial information to begin with.

As well, parents should understand. That paying for child support is actually. An obligation to their child. And not a punishment. And it is also, not a payment. To their ex-spouse for taking care of the child.

When parents understand this. Paying child support. May become a easier transaction. However, no matter what a parent does. To avoid making those payments. Chances are, it will catch up to them.

Something that parents. Especially when they have immigrated to Canada. From another country. Is fleeing Canada will not. Cause them to get out of their child support payments.

Canada is what is called a reciprocating jurisdictions. Where they will enforce. Court orders from other countries. And other countries will enforce Canadian court orders as well.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding All Of Your Rights During Divorce

Divorce, as well as a common-law breakdown require a divorce lawyer Edmonton. When that there are children, that have come from the union. There are two acts, that explain in great detail.

Exactly how to handle the situation. Especially when it comes to the rights, and obligations. To the children. The divorce act of Alberta. Is going to explain, what needs to happen.

When both of the parents, entered into a marital union. While the family Law act. Explains the process, to parents. Who are common-law. Or, did not live together. But created a child together.

One of the first things. That needs to be decided. Is who is going to have access. To the child for the majority of the time. Any amount, over 50%. And that parent will be considered the primary parent.

The other parent, will be the one. Who pays child support. Since the primary parent. Is paying for the basic necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter. This is calculated.

By a percentage of the parents income. And it is not designed to be punishment. Therefore, the courts work extremely hard. To ensure that it is fair. That is why they look at the financial information.

And calculate the percentage of it. However, if a parent is unable. To pay that amount. For example, they lost their job. Or, received up a cat for some reason. Instead of failing to pay child support.

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Divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests. Making an application through the courts. To reduce that child support amount. By providing proof, of their reduced income. If a parent is unable to pay.

Not because they started making less money. But because they are unable. To pay the amount that they were court ordered to. As well as all of their bills. For example, if they have expensive rent.

Or, if they have a lot of consumer debt. All they have to do. Is talk to their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And provide proof. Of all of their payments. And make an application to the court.

That they should have their child support payments reduced. Because of their high debt load. Unfortunately, parents with many children. Should also keep in mind. That a parent cannot claim.

That they are unable to pay child support. Because they have too many child support orders. The court takes the opinion. That if a parent is able to create children. They are able to pay for them.

However, all existing child support orders. Will be taken into consideration. By the court, when calculating. New child support payment amounts. Therefore, parents should understand.

That there is truly no excuse. To stop or avoid. Making child support payments. And if they do stop. They will be sought after, by the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an agency of the Alberta government.

Whose sole purpose is enforcing child support orders. To avoid losing a license, having their passport confiscated. Or having their wages garnished. Parents should ensure. That they are paying child support regularly.