Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Your Family Dynamic


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Your Family Dynamic

It is absolutely possible to have a great family after divorce according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. While many parents struggle. To maintain a great relationship with their ex partner.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

In order to help their child. Through the transition of a divorce. As well as ensure that the child ends up. In a healthy situation. However, if the divorce is difficult. If parents are argumentative with each other.

Or if it turns ugly, is harder to maintain. A great relationship with the other parent of their child. This is why it is a good idea. For both parents to hire a great divorce lawyer Edmonton.

They will be able to learn what their rights are. As well as what their obligations are. Not just to each other, but to their child. They will be able to take the parenting after separation course.

Offered by the province of Alberta. Either online, or at several court houses throughout the province. And learn what parenting after separation looks like. They will learn how to navigate difficult situations.

So that they will have a better chance. Of maintaining if not friendly. Then at least amicable relationships with each other. So that their child. Can have as good a relationship with either parent as possible.

What they will learn in the parenting after separation course. Are things like it is not possible. For one parent to dictate. How they raise the child, the child is in their care. Especially because divorces often happen.

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Because the parents have differences of opinion. Especially in how the child should be raised. Therefore, one parent cannot dictate. What the bedtime must be, what religious ceremonies the child must go to.

They cannot dictate how the ex-partner spends child support money. Or what extracurricular activities they can be enrolled in Divorce lawyer Edmonton. When a child is with the parent, that parent gets to pick the rules.

In this means the child may have two sets of rules to live by. One for each parent that they spend time with. But this is what they will learn. In the parenting after separation course. Understanding this early on.

Can help parents avoid fights. That might happen, when they realize that one parent. Is letting the child stay up very late at night. Or are watching more television than the parent would prefer.

As well, they will learn that child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure that both parents can legally contribute. To the upbringing of the life that they both brought into the world.

Child support is considered an unalienable right of the child. And the court will not only uphold this right. But the court also seize. That the child should have as much access to both parents as possible.

By understanding that child support and access. Are some of the most serious issues when it comes to divorce or separation with children Divorce lawyer Edmonton. Parents can navigate these issues more easily.

And with the help of a divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they do not make mistakes. That can and them in legal trouble with the court.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Your Family Dynamic Is Important

Getting a divorce when there are children involved, can be difficult says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But knowing the laws, and having an expert help. Such as a divorce lawyer, can ensure. That both parents navigate it sensitively and correctly.

One of the first things that parents are going to have to do. Whether they are divorcing or they are separating. Is decide where the child is living. Some parents may not believe that they are ready.

To make this decision. However, a divorce lawyer will say this can always be amended. Especially once the divorce or separation is final. But, the reason why it is one of the first things that must be decided upon.

Is because where the child is living. Influences who pays child support and how much. For example, a child who is living with both parents equally. Still is obligated to receive child support.

Some parents believe that if they share access equally. Then no child support is needed. But this is actually untrue. How child support is calculated in this scenario is different. But it is still required.

The court will look at the income of both parents. As it appears on line 150 of their notice of assessment. The higher income earner. Will have the lower income subtracted from their total income.

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And the percentage of child support will be calculated. Based on a percentage of the difference. If the parents have access. 70% and 30% of the time. Child support will be calculated slightly differently.

The parent who has access to the child less. Will be the one paying child support. At its meant as a mechanism. To offset the cost Divorce lawyer Edmonton. Of paying for the necessities of life. Such as the food, the clothing and shelter for the child.

Therefore, after the parents have decided. Where the children will be living. The parent who has access lasts. Will report their income to the court. And a percentage of that will be how much child support they must pay.

Something else that they should learn early on says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that parents cannot waive child support payments. They might be amicable. Or recognize that the parent who would have to pay child support.

Is experiencing financial difficulty. And they want to agree with each other. That child support does not need to get paid. This is not there right to do. Since child support is the right of the child to receive.

Therefore, parents cannot agree to not pay child support. Because it is a way for the court to ensure. That both parents are contributing to the life and upbringing. Of the child that they created.

As well, they will learn in the parenting after separation course says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That the parent who pays child support. Can not dictate. How the parent who is receiving child support can spend that money.

They might complain to the courts with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. That the parent is spending it on themselves. Or they are not spending it on necessities. And this is not something that they can dictate.