Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | You Are Not Alone

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | You Are Not Alone

Almost half of all Canadian marriages end in divorce, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. It doesn’t mean that you failed, or that your marriage wasn’t valid or worthy. There are many reasons people decide to end their marriage, and finding the right lawyer can help ensure it is done quickly and respectfully for both parties.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

A scenario to avoid is couples arguing so much that they become unable to agree. Hurt feelings, and anger keeps people from being able to see the situation rationally, and professional help is needed. If people can hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton before it gets to this point. They are often more able to communicate respectfully the terms of their divorce together.

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At eLaw Alliance that is the ultimate goal of our divorce lawyers – to help both parties come to a mutually beneficial agreement. The alternative is spending time, and money arguing in court, with no guarantee that they will end up with what they are fighting so hard for. In fact, in many cases, the justice will come up with what they believe is a great compromise. But because they are essentially a stranger to the family, their solution may not be what both party wants. But after the justice makes their decision, it is legally binding, as well as permanent.

To avoid this, the lawyer encourages both parties agree, by any means necessary, including mediation. There are many forms of mediation, with and without a lawyer present. Usually one lawyer arranges for an impartial – third party lawyer to be hired as the mediator. Both people must agree with the choice of mediator, who will then sit down with both people – either with or without their lawyers present. To come up with a consensus about the terms of the divorce agreement they will file in court.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Expert Lawyers You Can Trust

Another reason why hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton is a great idea for divorcing couples. Is because not everyone has a thorough or complete understanding of the laws. Often, what they know or believe comes from television, or movies, which may or may not have any basis in the facts within Alberta or Canada. They will have the most up-to-date legal information as well.

It’s also very important that both parties understand both their rights, but also their obligations, especially when children are involved. For example, it is considered the right of the child to have both parents financially support them, which is the legal function of child support. It provides a way that the parent with less access to the child can prove to the courts that they are taking fiduciary responsibility for their child. The parent with more access on the other hand, is clearly taking financial responsibility for their child, by bearing the cost of the food, clothing and shelter the child needs to survive.

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This is why parents cannot agree with each other that child support doesn’t need to be paid, even if both parents are financially secure. They do not have the ability to waive away the right of the child to have both parents financially contribute. Hiring a great divorce lawyer Edmonton, like the experts at eLaw Alliance can ensure parents and married couples always have the right information at all times.

Whether a couple needs help arriving at the terms of their divorce, or if they simply need a lawyer to ensure that what they’ve agreed upon will hold up in court, eLaw Alliance can help. Couples or individuals can arrange an initial consultation for free with a divorce lawyer Edmonton, and find out what can be their next steps to getting an amicable divorce from each other.