Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Go To Court Of Queens Bench

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Go To Court Of Queens Bench

Typically, the only time people will need to utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to the court of Queen’s bench, is if they are getting a legal divorce. All other family law matters can be dealt with provincially.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There is the family Law act of Alberta. And the divorce act, that has a lot of overlap information. And while people might need to have things dealt with such as child support matters, parenting matters and spousal support.

Marriage is a legal entity. That people can only enter into with the mission of the highest court of Canada. Therefore, it can only be undone by the same court, the court of Queen’s bench.

And the division of property that happens. When married people separate, this is because of the dowry rights of the wife. And provincial court does not have the authority. To deal with these types of divorce matters.

Marital property claims are handled under the divorce act. As well as the legal divorce. However, if people are getting a legal divorce. And they are dealing with child support matters, parenting matters and spousal support matters at the same time.

The court of Queen’s bench will usually hand do everything all at the same time. This will prevent divorce lawyer Edmonton from having to go to two different courts. However, if after the legal divorce is done.

People have ongoing child support matters, parenting matters. Or ongoing spousal support matters, that can be then dealt with provincially. There is not a lot of difference between the provincial court and court of Queen’s bench says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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Mostly they are procedural in nature. Both will be in a courtroom. They will both be presided over by a judge. Who will try to get both parties to come to an agreement. That will become legally binding.

If an agreement cannot be obtained. Then the judge has the authority to make the decision on behalf of both parties. Which, divorce lawyer Edmonton says both parties should avoid at all costs.

The reason why, is because no matter what. To people, and to parents specifically. Will have better decision-making authority. On what is going to happen to their family. Then a judge, who is essentially a stranger to the family and children.

When the judge makes a decision, it will be legally binding. And nothing that either party can change. Even years into the future. Therefore, or slur Edmonton tries to get their clients to come to an agreement.

So that they do not become legally bound to a decision. That does not serve anyone. When people are getting a divorce, they are going to also need to disclose. Their financial information not just to the court.

But disclose it to each other. So that child support can be calculated. And spousal support, if that is going to be required. If people would like help in any of these matters. eLaw alliance in Edmonton would be more than happy to help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Go To Court Of Queen’s Bench Instead Of Provincial Court

It is extremely important says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That people who are going through a divorce. Get the help that they need. Because representing oneself, can be difficult.

However, whether people are going to the court of Queen’s bench. Or provincial court, if they are not able to retain their own divorce lawyer. It can get a lot of help instead.

Both courts have what is called a duty counsel. Which is a lawyer that can be utilized. For free, on several caveats. They can only utilize this lawyer. If they do not have their own lawyer that they retained.

This lawyer is only available on the day of their court appearance. And they can only utilize the lawyer, on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, people should get to the courthouse very early. In order to put their name on the sign-up list for duty counsel.

And if they are early enough, and the lawyer does not have a lot of other activities. They will be able to get the help they need. They can give advice, they can file applications. And in some rare cases.

Duty counsel has even appeared in court. In order to make an argument on behalf of their clients. This can be incredibly beneficial. To people who need a divorce. Or need to settle family law matters.

But they cannot afford their own divorce lawyer Edmonton yet. If people are appearing in court and they have children. Before they can even file. Parents are going to need to complete. An online course.

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Called parenting after separation, it is free. And can help parents understand. Not only their rights. Their obligations, to each other. As well as obligations to their child. These obligations include financially paying for their child.

It is the child’s right to have both people. Who gave them life. To remain financially responsible for that life. Until they are either of legal age. In Alberta, that is eighteen years of age says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Or, until the courts decide they no longer require support. If there enrolled in postsecondary education. Or, if they are dependent on one parent for any number of reasons. Including being disabled in any way, shape or form.

They may be entitled to continuing support. Until they are twenty-five years of age. Or, indefinitely depending on each individual circumstance. It is so important to deal with properly, that if parents have any questions.

They should get definitive answers with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton. If they do not have their own lawyer. But they would like help, they can contact eLaw alliance, located in Edmonton.

Parents can get the first consultation for free. It can help them understand many issues. Or, help them understand if they need to retain their own lawyer. Because the issues are too complex to do it on their own.

People can contact the experts at the eLaw alliance. Picking up the phone, or sending an email. After visiting their website.