Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Child Support Affects You

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Child Support Affects You

Many parents think they can get out of child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, they are usually. Completely misinformed about child support. And especially the intent behind this payment.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is not away. For one parent to financially support the other. Although, that seems to be. What a lot of parents think it is. And why a lot of them. Try to avoid making this payment.

However, both the divorce act, and the family Law act in Alberta. Specify the reason. Why both parents can be required. To pay child support. Is because it is their duty to the child that they created.

To pay for their life. Not just the necessities of life. Including food, clothing and shelter. But pay for their education, their extracurricular activities and more. This is why it is extremely rare that a court ever rules.

That a parent can get out of paying child support. Therefore, parents should ensure. That they are paired to pay child support. For as long as the child is required to receive it.

Another common misconception about child support. According to divorce lawyer Edmonton, is that it officially ends. When a child is eighteen years of age. While sometimes, child support and here.

The fact of the matter is. Children can receive child support. Longer than eighteen years. For example, if the child is going to post secondary. They can receive child support. For the entirety of their postsecondary.education.

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Or, if a child for one reason or another. Is considered to be. Economically dependent on one parent. Therefore, parents should ensure. That they find out. According to the divorce act. Or the family Law act.

How long they can expect. The child should be getting child support for. Child support is calculated. When both parents disclose their financial information to the court. It is actually a requirement.

In fact, the court usually requires. Both parents disclose their finances. To each other even before the court date. However, often court. Is the first time, that each parent. Is seeing the others financial information.

However, some parents. Who are trying to avoid paying child support. Often will come to court. Without their financial information. The reason why says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is because they assume.

If the court does not know how much money they make. They will not be required to pay child support. However, this is not true at all. And in fact, people who do this. Usually and up more money.

What happens if a parent fails to disclose. The judge can make a decision. On how much they think a parent should pay. Based on any information. Including their own that feeling.

They can take a look at that parents job. And make an assumption. Based on the income typical of that job. Or, they can ask the ex-spouse. How much money they think their ex partner is making.

Since most people estimate to high. People who come to court. Disclosing their finances. Usually are required to pay more money. Then they would if they disclosed in the first place.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Why Child Support Affects Both Parents

There are many different misconceptions says divorce lawyer Edmonton. About child support. And these misconceptions often have parents. Refusing to pay. Or, scared about child support to begin with.

The first thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants people to know. Is that child support is not a payment to their ex. Instead, is how parents. Financially support the child, the life that they created.

It is extremely rare. That the court will waive paying child support. While they might allow a parent. Has temporary lost their job. Can take a break from payments. Until they have a new job.

But they will have to pay the child support. That they would have been paying. Once they get a new job. Another misconception that people have. Is that child support is punitive in nature.

They often think that it is a punishment. And this is not true at all. It is simply away. For both parents to contribute. To their children, even though they are both. No longer living under the same roof.

Therefore, because it is not a punishment. If a parents finances have changed. It is actually very easy. For the parent to go back to court. And change the amount of child support they have to pay.

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Whether they lost their job. Or got a different job where they are making less. They can simply hire divorce lawyer Edmonton. And inform the court of their new income. And get their child support decreased.

In some cases, parents have jobs. Whether they are making an inconsistent amount of money. From one paycheck to the next. Bartenders, servers and sales people. Who earn their entire income on commission alone.

Can have very different amounts of income. From one week to the next. They should not panic. If they get assessed child support. During a very fruitful time of their employment. They can enter into the court a program.

Where they can claim the money that they make. On a shorter-term basis. Such as week to week, or month-to-month. So that they can pay what they have made. In that particular time period.

That way, if they have a very successful week. They will pay more child support. But if they did not have a great week. They will not have a lot to pay. That is what the Law act intends. By specifying that child support is not punitive.

However, there are large ramifications. That parents will have if they do not pay. Therefore, instead of avoiding paying. Because their finances have changed. By being open and honest with it in the court.

Both parents can pay and receive. The child support that is fair. So that they will be able to contribute to the life of their child. Without fear, that it is going to financially be burdensome to their life.