Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Owes Child Support And Why

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Owes Child Support

One of the most contentious issues says divorce lawyer Edmonton. When it comes to a marital breakdown, or divorce. Is figuring out who pays child support. And how much child support they owe.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Some people believe that they can get out of paying. Or that because they see their children. The same amount of time, child support is not owed. But this is incorrect. Divorce lawyer Edmonton wants all parents to understand.

What child support is, and why they will never get out of paying it. One of the first things that parents should understand. Is that child support is a right that is owed to their child.

It is the way the law insures. That both parents remain responsible. For the life they created. How it is calculated in Alberta. Is by first figuring out. Who has access to the child most often.

In many cases, one parent has access. To the child more than 60% of the time. They, would be the ones. Who get the child support payments. And the parent that has the child. Less time, will be the one to pay it.

Child support is simply a percentage. Of a parents income. And is not considered a penalty. Nora punishment, and therefore. If a parent is unable. To make payments for any reason.

They can simply inform the court through their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. And let them know they have bills that are insurmountable. Or that the parent has reduced income. From when child support was first calculated.

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However, many parents want to know. If child support is owed. If they both share access. In more and more families, the children are going to one parent for a week or two. And then switching, so that both parents.

Have shared access equally with the children from their relationship. Because this is more common, the courts have figured out. How child support works in this instance.

Since they are sharing equal time with the children. The courts will then determine. Who makes the most amount of income between the two parents. The parent who makes more.

Will have their ex spouse is income subtracted. From the income that they make. And they will pay child support. On a percentage of the amount that is left over. Therefore, if the parent that makes more money.

Makes ten thousand dollars more a year. Child support is calculated. On the income, of ten thousand dollars more. That way, both parents will be considered. Sharing equal responsibilities as well as financially.

This is all considered under section 3 expenses. Which are considered necessities. Such as food, clothing and shelter. However, additional child support can be owed. However, section 7 expenses include extra curricular activities.

Or expenses like daycare. If parents have any questions about child support. The best thing to do, would be to retain their own lawyer. And have a consultation to figure out exactly what they should be doing.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Who Owes Whom Child Support

Even though many parents are very applicable says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can never agree to not pay child support. Child support is a right of the child. And therefore, a legal obligation for the parents to pay.

However, because it is an obligation. And must be paid, the courts also do not see child support. As a punishment, and are therefore. A very amicable about reducing child support payments. If a parents situation changes.

For example, child support will be calculated. By figuring out which parent has less access. And then having them pay a percentage of their income. If their income changes permanently or temporarily.

They can retain a divorce lawyer in order to make an application. Through the court system to permanently, or temporarily. Reduce the child support payments that they owe. For example, a parent who is lost their job.

Can apply through the court system. To temporarily stop paying. Child support, until they find a new job. And then, if they do get a new job. And are unable to pay. What they used to be paying, because their income is reduced.

They can once again apply their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Through the court system. In order to permanently reduce child support. To a percentage of what they are currently now making.

However, it is not just figuring out the percentage of a parents income. And figuring out who owes which parent. There are many other things. That parents should understand. When it comes to child support their children.

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For example, some parents are hurt. And get vindictive, and a parent may prevent visitation. Of their children with their ex-spouse. This is considered improper. And parents who do this can get into legal trouble.

However, if a parent decides. To withhold child support. To apparent that is preventing visitation. Then two wrongs definitely do not make a right. According to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Both parents will get into legal trouble.

Therefore, the appropriate response. If a parent is withholding access. Is not to withhold child support. But to inform the court. With the help of a divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to rectify the situation.

As well, the reverse is true. Apparent that is withholding child support. Cannot withhold access, for the same reasons. It is not only considered. A right of the child to see both parents as often as possible.

It is considered a right of the child to get child support payments. And therefore, both parents must work. To ensure that both are happening appropriately. If parents have any questions about this.

The best thing to do would be to call eLaw alliance. Not only is the first our consultation absolutely free. But they can often give great advice. On what parents can do. And help guide the process.

Whether parents are divorcing, separating. Or they simply have a child from a relationship. Understanding the legal requirements. And obligations will help ensure that the child gets what they need. In the process goes smoothly.