Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Is Required To Pay Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Is Required To Pay Child Support

Child support, is the right of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And not, a payment to ensure. That they can continue to see the child. Unfortunately, many parents are confused.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And think that access, and child support. Our tied together. And when a parent denies access. To the other parent. They retaliates, by withholding child support payments. And then both parents and up in legal trouble.

While according to the divorce act. As well as the family act in Alberta. Children that are involved. In a marriage that is ending. Or in a common-law relationship that is ending. Have specific rights.

That must be upheld by all means. The first right, is that both parents. Must provide the necessities of life. This means, their food, clothing and shelter. Must be provided by both parents.

Even if one parent does not see the child. Either by choice. Or because access is withheld. However, that still does not negate their obligation. To the child that they created. Therefore, they must continue.

To pay child support, no matter what happens. With the child. Even if, they do not wish to see them. There are very few circumstances. If any at all says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

That would get one parent, out of paying child support. Therefore, by creating life. They must pay for it, until that child is in adults. However, because child support and access are not tied together.

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While a parent, cannot withhold child support. If they cannot, or are not allowed. To see the child. They also, need to understand. That a parent cannot withhold access. If a parent is not paying child support.

Because the second right of the child. Is to have as much access as possible. To both parents. And only if a parent is deemed unfit. Does that ever get challenged. But still, according to the court.

Even if they are unfit. They still, yet access to the child. In the form of supervised visits. This is something that. The court system in Alberta. Takes extremely seriously. And any parent that withholds.

Either access, or payment. Will end up, being summoned to court. And will appear before a judge, who has the authority. To punish, or assess damages as they see fit. To avoid ending up in court says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Parents should ensure. That not only are they paying child support. But they are also allowing access to the parent. As outlined in their divorce agreement. According to the family Law act.

While parents, may not see eye to eye and the longer. If they have a child together. They will need to cooperate. And communicate together, therefore. They should get used to it from an early age.

If parents have any questions. About the divorce act. Or about the family Law act in Alberta. Or, as they relate to their specific situation. They can retain the law alliance, located in Edmonton for help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Must Pay Child Support

Child support, is mandatory payment says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To ensure that both parents. Our providing for the life that they created. However, it is not meant to be burdensome, financially.

Nor is it considered punitive in nature. Therefore, whoever is mandated. To pay child support. Should work with the courts. Especially if their income fluctuates. Or, they lose their job. So that they can avoid.

Being the victim, of maintenance enforcement program. Maintenance enforcement is an organization. In Alberta, who has sweeping powers. To enforce child support orders. They have the power. To confiscate passports.

Suspend drivers licenses. As well as garnish wages and even sees assets. They can use this as a threat. And then carry it out. However, some parents may think. They can get out of paying child support.

If they flee the country says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, before they actually try this. They should educate themselves. Because Canada is considered. A reciprocating jurisdiction.

But that means, is that with cooperating countries. Canada will uphold legal agreements here. And Canadian legal agreements like child support. Will be upheld, in the countries. That have a reciprocating jurisdiction.

With Canada as well. Which means, when a person flees Canada. If they end up, in a country. That has reciprocating jurisdictions. They will not be able to get out of their child support payments. And may end up.

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Being punished, according to that countries laws. Canada has reciprocating jurisdictions with many countries. For example, the United States. As well as the United Kingdom, Australia. As well as New Zealand, and Fiji.

All have reciprocating jurisdictions. But a lot of your does two. Such as Norway, Poland, Germany. Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Even places like Barbados, South Africa, Singapore.

Even Papua New Guinea, all have reciprocating jurisdictions. Which means no matter where a parent flees. Chances are, that they are only going to end up. In more legal problems. If they try avoid paying child support.

As well, they may be required. To pay retroactive child support. When maintenance enforcement catches up with them. This refers to the amount of money. That a parent should have paid in the past.

But for whatever reason, they did not. If a person avoids paying child support. And think that they are in the clear. They are sorely mistaken says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The courts will be able to bring up several past years.

Of unpaid child support. And assess apparent. At a significant amount of money. That they are now responsible for paying. If they lost their job. Or got a lower paying job. They could have simply communicated that with the court.

And had payments reduced. While nobody wants their relationship to end. If it does, and children are involved. Hiring divorce lawyer in Edmonton. Can often help parents. Know what their rights are.

In addition to what their obligations to their children are. So that they do not end up, causing legal problems for themselves. If they end up miss a payment. Or unfortunately making another mistake.