Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Helps Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Who Helps Children

Children are the most vulnerable members of society says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is why there is a very large statute. Designed to protect the youth of this province. No matter what the age of the child. They deserve to be safe. At all times.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Also, this statute’s name is the child youth family and enhancement act. And as such, undoubtedly deals. With the protection of children. It actually outlines within its pages. Exactly what a child who needs protection looks like.

And according to the verbiage in the act itself. Says a child who needs help, is considered. To undoubtedly be danger. For example, is on the receiving end of abuse. Whether that abuse is physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Or the parent or guardian is simply unable. Or unwilling to protect their child. From that abuse, perpetuated by another. That child considered a child in need of intervention. As well, the law outlines children. Who become at risk themselves. Not because of abuse being perpetrated.

But rather because their parents or guardians have passed away. Also, the child has run away from home, and they are alone. Again, they have wandered away from their family. By accident, during a vacation. Such as a hike in the mountains. There are many scenarios.

For example that are covered in this law. And the people that are tasked. With upholding this law is considered the child and family services branch of government. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says there are actually. Dozens of different, smaller organizations.

Throughout different Alberta municipalities. Who do this job definitely, and they are collectively known. As child and family services. This branch of the provincial government. Has a very large amount of authority. And powers to investigate parents.

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And protect children who are in danger. The first steps that will take place. Is once a person alerts the authorities. That there is a child, whom someone suspects. Of absolutely being in danger. Whether that person alerts the police, the RCMP.

Or any other authority. Such as a teacher, the head of the church. Are just a few examples.. Those people become legally obligated. To get child and family services involved. Once they have complaints.

Child and family services are in fact legally obligated. To investigate that claim. To the fullest of their capabilities. Because they have a lot of power. They are able to do a very thorough investigation.

Including entering into the home. And looking at the living conditions the child is captain. Looking at their room. Looking at how much food is in the home. And interviewing the child themselves.

The parents, and other siblings in the home. They can also interview any witnesses. They feel are pertinent to their investigation. Such as neighbours, friends and teachers for example.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says if the child is twelve years of age. There opinions of the situation. And their testimony actually have greater weight. And the child themselves. Again, can have their own lawyer in the proceedings.

While nobody wants to think of a child. Who is being abused, the sad reality. Is that children get abused. And there must be laws in place. Finally, to protect them, and in Alberta, that is taken very seriously.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children In Need Of Help

While parents must protect their children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, there are some circumstances and situations. Where children need to be protected. From their parents or guardians within their home.

In most of these situations. It is not the parent who is acting evil. In order to inflict pain or damage to their children. But they themselves. Have gotten themselves into situations. That they do not know how to get out of.

Also, that is why. The child and family services department. Has significant authority. To help that child in any way possible. If that means getting their parent or guardian. To a hospital, where they can get an examination.

For example, if the parent or guardian has a neurological issue. Additionally, that is affecting their behaviour. The child and family services are authorized. To help correct that. As well, they have authority.

Also, to request the parents take parenting courses. Attend psychological counselling, with the correct professionals. Help them get the right addictions counselling that they need.

Or, the workers are able. To help the parents. Get out of the abusive, or domestic violence situation. That they may be in themselves. Furthermore, that is actually causing the child endangerment charge.

And once they can help the parents. Then the danger is then. Naturally removed from their child. That is why, there is a branch of government. And laws to deal with this. Because as divorce lawyer Edmonton says.

Almost no cases of child endangerment. Our completely black and white. By helping the parents. Guardians, and the entire family. The danger to the child is almost always resolves itself. Restoring safety to the child and family.

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However, while they have significant authority to help. They also have significant authority. To do whatever is necessary. To protect the child first and foremost.

For example, if the child and family services worker beliefs. Also, that the parent is unwilling. To take the changes needed. To get the child out of danger. They also have the authority. To remove that child from the parents.

Either temporarily. Or, in the extreme cases says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can apply for a permanent guardianship order. Which will strip the parent of their parental rights, permanently.

Regardless of what the child and family services applies for. All of their orders must be approved by a judge. Which means parents have the opportunity. However, to plead their case before a decision is rendered permanently.

Also, and in the case of a child being over twelve years of age. Again, the judge will also want to listen. To that child’s testimony. They will also get their own lawyer, who is working not on behalf of the government. Nor on behalf of the parent.

But their own independent legal representation. Is specifically looking out. For the best interest of that child individually. In all of these situations. Any order that a child and family services worker applies for.

Also, should consider a very serious offense. Again, divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends. That parents, regardless of what route they are taking. Do their best to rectify the situation. To appeal to the judge. To make the ruling in their favour.