Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Which Parent Pays Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Which Parent Pays Child Support

It is no secret says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That ultimately when a relationship ends. It can get very messy. It is consequently no exception. When a relationship ends, and there are children involved.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Whether relationship was a marriage. Or, if it was common-law. Or simply an arrangement, that ended up with the child. There are laws in Alberta. That dictate what happens, and how both parties.

Pay for the life that they have created. The most important thing for both parents to realize. Is that child support is not considered a punishment. Nor is it considered a payment to the other person.

It is actually legally considered. The obligation of the parent. To support the life that they created. And an obligation of the child. Both parents must contribute to the financial well-being of that child.

Until they are of legal age. Or, they no longer need support. It can be very difficult, to understand some of the requirements. And any parents, that are navigating this issue. And need help, can find it.

If they contact divorce lawyer in Edmonton. Not only do they offer free, one hour consultations. But they can also inform each parent. Of the legalities of the situation. So that they can govern themselves accordingly.

They have many questions, that parents often ask. Such as what will happen. If a parent is unable to pay. The child support that they have been required to. For most of the time, the court system.

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Will only request amount of child support. To be paid, based on the percentage. Of one parents income. The parent that does not. Have the child 60% of the time. Owes child support to the other parent.

And in most circumstances, it is a set percentage. Regardless of how much. The other parent makes. Even if the parent that has the child. More than 60% of the time. Earns more money.

The other parent, still must pay child support. As it is their obligation. To the child that they created. However, if there are some extenuating circumstances. Such as, they are able to prove.

That they cannot make their ends meet. While paying the child support that they have been required to. The judge may reduce the amount that they owe. However, some parents should also keep in mind.

That they are not able to claim a hardship. Because they are paying too many child support amounts. To too many children. If they have the ability. To make children. The courts believe they must pay for them.

Another question, for parents to consider. Is figuring out, a child support payment. For they actually divorce or separate. But having an agreement in place says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

It can make the divorce, or separation process. Easier, and while nobody wants a relationship to end. Having an agreement in place. Can also reduce the urge. To try and punish the other parent.

When a relationship ends. And there are children involved. Both parties must act within the law. In order to ensure, that their child is taking care of according to divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning Which Parent Pays Child Support

If there is a relationship involving children according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And that relationship ends. Both parties, have a legal obligation. To the child, or children of that relationship.

Unfortunately, many parents often forget this. Which leads to all sorts of problems. And unnecessary court appearances. In order to enforce child support. Or, encourage parents to do the right thing.

A common reason, for one parent. To stop paying their child support payments. Is because they do not like. How the other parent is spending the money. Unfortunately, this is not an adequate reason.

For one parent to stop paying. While the child support is deemed necessary. To pay for the necessities of life. For the child, such as food, clothing and shelter. The payor parent is not able.

To dictate how that money is spent. Unless the parent is spending it frivolously. Or, neglecting the needs of the child. Nothing can be done, if one parent does not like how the money is spent.

If the child is being neglected. That will be taken to court. Through another means. And if the child is found to be neglected. Then different custody arrangements may be awarded.

However, unless the parent. Goes back to court. Asking for more money. And then the judge, may request documents. Showing how they have is spent the previous amount of money.

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It is not up to the parent who pays child support. To dictate, what the parent. That is receiving child support can do with the money. This may be frustrating, but it is the law.

Another situation. That divorce lawyer Edmonton hears quite often. Is parents are wondering. If they can stop paying child support. If they do not it to see their child. And while one parent may be withholding.

Access, or visitation to one parent. That is something, that they should bring before the court. With or without the help of a divorce lawyer in Edmonton. However, the situation will be made worse.

If the parent that does not see the child. Stops paying child support. Then they are also in the wrong. Because paying child support. Is an obligation to the child. And not a payment to ensure they see their child.

Finally, many parents ask divorce lawyer Edmonton. If they should still be paying child support. If there ex-spouse, is on social assistance. The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Paying child support, is an obligation to the child. And while a parent, who is on social assistance. May not receive the payments. Directly from the other parent. As the other parent must send the money.

Through the government, instead of. Directly to the other spouse. The fact that one parent is on financial assistance. Does not negate their obligation. To the life that they created together with the other spouse.