Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Which Parent Owes Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Which Parent Owes Child Support

Nobody enters into a relationship wanting a divorce according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Unfortunately, it is a circumstance that happens more and more. And parents should know how to handle the situation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There are 2 Different Law Acts in Alberta. That deal with child support. One is the divorce act. Which covers partners, who have been legally married. In Alberta, and what happens with child support.

When the relationship ends. They get a divorce. And children are involved. The second act, is called the family Law act. And it covers circumstances. Such as common-law relationships. That involve children.

As well as circumstances, where couples were not even together. And a child was created. If there is a question at all. About how to proceed. With child support. The parent in question.

Should contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to find what they should do. As well as get some legal advice. On how to proceed. There are many misconceptions around this circumstance.

And finding the truth, can help both parties. Move forward, while caring for their children. One of the most common questions. That divorce lawyer Edmonton receives from parents.

Is wondering, if the parent can get child support. If they are currently collecting a social assistance. For example, they are on welfare. And are receiving government money. This is a very important fact.

That both parents need to understand. A parent paying child support. Is the legal right of the child. And the financial obligation. Of both parents. The parent that has the child or children more than 50% of the time.

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Will receive the child support. And the parent that has the child. For less than 50% of the time owes the child support. Even though the parent may be receiving government assistance. Does not negate this obligation.

The only difference is, the parent who pays child support. Must pay the child support. Directly to the government. Instead of directly to the parent. Social assistance does not prevent child support payments.

Another of the common questions. That divorce lawyer Edmonton gets. Is wondering, who pays for extracurricular activities. One parent may be complaining. Because the extra activities.

That have been chosen for their child. Is well above their ability to pay for. In this circumstance, the case will go before a judge. And the information will be looked at. About how much money the activity costs.

And how much money, each parent can afford to pay. If the extracurricular activity. Is outside when parents ability to pay. Then they do not have to pay the full amount. However, both parents should keep in mind.

That they both must pay extracurricular activities. And it will be based on how much income they make. And percentage of that amount. Often, parents can reach an agreement. Or, they will have to find a less expensive activity.

While nobody wants to pay more money. Then they need to. By keeping in mind. That they are paying. Because they created life. That will help both parties remember. The importance of paying child support.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Which Parent Owes Child Support

Child support is ultimately a very sensitive topic for many parents according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. While there are a lot of questions, and misconceptions. Around this topic consequently.

While most parents, do their best. To pay for the children. That they brought into the world. Some parents, are often in a difficult situation. And resort to measures that they are not proud of.

Thus, in order to avoid paying something that they cannot afford. For some people, that means fleeing the country. In order to avoid paying child support. And while they may think that they will get out of this payment.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Canada is what is called reciprocating jurisdiction. Which means, Canada is in agreement. With several other countries. For this reason to uphold legal agreements like child support.

Countries like the United States, is a reciprocating jurisdiction. Which means if a parent goes to the United States. The child support payment. Will be legally upheld in the United States.

And if a parent, owes child support in the United States. And they come to Canada. Canada will also legally uphold that legal document. In this country as well. Which means parents do not often have the ability.

To leave the country, in order to avoid paying child support. More countries than many people may realize. Have reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada. Such as the UK, Australia. As well as South Africa, Singapore.

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And countries such as the Czech Republic, Barbados and Fiji. An entire document outlining. All of the reciprocating jurisdictions can be found online. To prevent parents. From taking such rash actions.

In order to flee their obligations. Will consequently have it catch up with them later. If parents do not end up paying child support. They ultimately will be chased by the maintenance enforcement program.

Which is an agency within Alberta. Whose sole purpose. Is enforcing child support orders. They are put together by the government. And as such, have significant authority. To enforce child support.

Often, with significant actions. Such as the ability. To undoubtedly suspend drivers licenses. Confiscate passports, and certainly garnish wages. As well as seizing assets and more. If a parent has not paid child support.

However the best thing, would be to simply pay it advises divorce lawyer Edmonton. And if they simply cannot afford it. They should contact a lawyer. And make an application through the courts. To legally reduce the amount they owe.

But parents need to ultimately understand. Is that child support is not punishment. It is however the way, for both parents. To care for the life that they created. And the courts are usually more than happy.

To ultimately reduce a payment, if a parent cannot afford it. And especially, if their income drops unexpectedly. However, they also will enforce payment. And they can go back several years. To ensure that all of the child support that is owed. Has been paid in full.