Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Not to Do in Court

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Not to Do in Court

If people are facing a court date for a variety of reasons says divorce lawyer Edmonton. A need to know how they should conduct themselves so that they can help ensure the day goes smoothly. However, they also need to know what they can avoid doing. So that they can avoid saving disrespectful, or disruptive during the day.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There are some very easy to remember rules that people can follow while they are going to court. That can help ensure that they are not showing the court disrespect. And are not ending up being a distraction itself while inside the courtroom.

They should clearly understand that they court frowns upon cell phone use of any kind. Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton says people should either turn their cell phone to silent. Or turn it off completely. Because they should not just avoid talking on their cell phone. But even texting, or using any apps on their phone will be not allowed.

What people bear also makes a difference. Because court is considered a formal proceeding. And this includes avoiding wearing informal clothing such as baseball hats. If people are wearing a baseball cap into the courtroom.

The sheriff is likely going to ask them to remove it. But if they refuse, it can either get confiscated. Or have a person asked to leave the courtroom. In addition to not wearing, people need to know that food and drink.

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Will not be permitted inside the courtroom as well. Therefore, they should either be prepared to complete their breakfast or their lunch. And finished their drinks well in advance of going into the courtroom.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says they recognize that people can get thirsty while they are waiting for their turn. And so there is the option of them asking for a glass or bottle water to drink.

And finally, it is very important that people ensure that they are not speaking out of turn. This is definitely disrespectful. And often disruptive. And can have a person being asked to leave the courtroom. There are very important in very specific points of order to follow with communication. Help ensure that people are not disrupting process.

And while a lot of these things that people might do have them being removed from the courtroom. It might not think that that is a very serious consequence. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says it actually is.

Because, if they are not in the courtroom because of disruptive or disrespectful. In their case is called up, and they have already been asked to leave. The judge may strike their case from the docket. Which will require them finding their own court date in the future. Which could take several months.

Or, far worse than that. Is if a person has been asked to leave the courtroom and their case is then called up. The judge could potentially just dismiss the case entirely. Meaning a person will not get the opportunity to have a ruling made on their matter.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Not to Do in Court

Despite what people might think, divorce lawyer Edmonton says rules of conduct of what to do is the same regardless of the reason why they are going to court. Whether it is a criminal case, a family law matter, or civil case. The etiquette will be the same across the board.

One of the most important things that people can do is show up to their court date on time. This is especially because court only sits for specific periods of time. And if people miss their appearance, they might have missed their opportunity to have their matter heard.

For example, if it is a civil case and it is a docket date. If a person did not arrive by the time their matter was called up to the judge. The judge could have either dismissed it for the day. Which will require person to set up their own court date. Which might take many months to achieve.

Or, if a person has not arrived by the time they were called up to the judge. The judge may simply have dismissed their case altogether. Which would require someone starting the application for their matter from the very beginning if they want to get it heard.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says for a family matter. A judge might simply grant an order in a person’s absence. Or make a ruling without hearing both sides. Therefore, in order to increase the chances of having the ruling that is in their favour. They need to ensure that they show up on time.

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However, for a criminal case. If people fail to show up whether it is for a Chambers date. Or something far more serious such as going to trial, or entering a plea. The result is the same if a person fails to show up. The court will issue a war out for their arrest.

Not only can this impede their current criminal case. But it can also add to a person’s troubles, as they will have to show up in court again, and face additional charges. Which is why everyone should know that showing up on time is extremely vital.

However, avoiding problems is not the only reason why people should arrive to court on time. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says there are many helping agencies and services that they can access. As long as they arrive early or on time to their court date.

When they show up, people should check in with the front clerk. To let them know that they have arrived. And then find either duty counsel, the Elizabeth Fry society. Or any of the other helping agencies. Who operate on a first-come first serve basis.

For example, duty counsel will give free legal advice. Or even speak to the judge on a person’s behalf. Which can give them the information and advantage they need to end up with a ruling that they are looking for from the judge.

Therefore, arriving on time or early not only helps ensure that they avoid problems. But so that they can also get important help that they might need that can help them win their case.