Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What is the Divorce Act

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What is the Divorce Act

It is very important for people who are legally married, and are ending that relationship to contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. And that they each find their own legal representation as well.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

While the family Law act in Alberta. Refers to parents who are ending their relationship. They do not specifically have to be married in order to use this act, and all of the laws governing it.

However, when people are married. To undo the legal act. Requires a special set of laws, which is why the divorce act exists in Alberta.

And when a divorce involves under aged children. There are many things that parents need to keep in mind. And the reason why, is because the rights of the child are going to be considered most important in the eyes of the court.

The first thing that parents are going to need to decide. Is who has custody of the child. And the decision is joint custody, or sole custody. And while many people think custody refers to who has the child living with them.

This is not accurate. It simply refers to the decision making ability. And when people have joint custody of their children. It refers to the fact that both parents will decide together.

Some of the most important aspects of their child’s life. Such as where their child is going to go to school, where they will live. And what their cultural or religious upbringing will be.

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And while the court will typically want to see both parents having as much input into the child’s life as possible. As well as what they consider maximum contact.

Which means both parents having as much time in their child’s life as possible. There are circumstances where sole custody is appropriate. Which means only one parent will be able to make these decisions.

However this does not mean that if one parent has joint custody. That the other parent cannot have their child for part of the time. The next decision that parents need to make together.

Is who is going to have parenting time. Unless a parent has been awarded with sole custody. Which means they alone will decide where their child lives according to divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Even people with sole custody often use input from the other parent. As to what kind of parenting time both parents are going to get in the life of their child.

Again, divorce lawyer Edmonton says the courts will typically want to encourage both parents to have maximum contact. Which means they encourage both parents to have as much time with the children as possible.

As long as that is what is in the best interest of the child. And if parents have any concerns, they can bring it back up with their divorce lawyer. Or take it to court if they think that angst need to be revisited or changed.

Ultimately, divorce is a tumultuous time in everyone’s life. But more often than not, children are in the middle of the situation. And ensuring that they can have as normal a life as possible. Is the goal of the court.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What is the Alberta Divorce Act

It is very important for parents who are married and are separating with children to retain their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they are not going to be able to use the same lawyer to divorce.

And in fact, the rights of the children of the marriage. Are going to be held in high regard. And it is very important that both parents understand. That the child will have their own rights that must be upheld.

And that if any time, either parent does not live up to the rights that the court demands on behalf of the child. They can end up in deep trouble, legally. Which can end up with them losing some of their own rights.

While there are many things that parents have to decide. Divorce lawyer Edmonton encourages parents to realize. That the courts are going to want whatever is in the best interest of the child.

And typically, they consider both parents being involved as much as possible. As what is in the best interest of the child. Unless either parents can prove that that is not the case.

They are going to have to get used to communicating with each other. Because even after their divorce is complete. They will still need to navigate issues together. Especially if they have joint custody.

And it is very important for both parents to understand. That even when they have sole custody involved. The parent that has the child. It is to decide the rules of their own household.

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As long as it is not putting that child in any danger. Even though the parent who has sole custody. Has been charged with making important decisions on behalf of that child.

The child’s bedtime, the food they eat, or other household rules. Are not in that parents ability to decide. Even though they may not like the rules of the other parent has.

It is also very important for parents to understand. That when they are paying child support. That this is considered a right of the child. And a way that the court can ensure that both parents are financially contributing to their child’s life.

It is not considered a payment to the ex-spouse. Or a way of helping pay their bills. But the court wants to ensure that the two people that created life together. Are taking financial responsibility for that life.

Which is why one parent will be deemed as having access for 60% of the time or more. And that the other parent must pay child support. Which is a percentage of their income.

Even if parents come to a different agreement with each other. And think that they are going to be able to do something other than that, as long as they both agree. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says that is not true.

They are going to have to stand by the legal requirements. That they both parents must contribute. Even if a parent is not involved in the child’s life. This is mandatory.

When parents who are divorcing understand the law. They will be able to work within it. To ensure that they can divorce, and are caring for their children as well.