Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is Federal Court

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is Federal Court

There is a lot of overlap says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Between family law, and divorce law. In fact, the only thing that is different. Is that an actual, legal marriage. Can only be granted by Canada’s highest authority.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Therefore, it can only be undone by the same authority, the federal courts. Which is also known as the Court of Queen’s bench. That, and the division of marital property. Are the only things that are actually required to be dealt with by the federal court system.

Everything else dealing with a divorce, such as child support matters, parenting matters. As well as spousal support can be dealt with at the provincial courts. However, it is often handled at the same time as a divorce.

Which is why all of this might be handled by your divorce lawyer. Within the court of Queen’s bench. There is not a lot of difference, except a few procedures. Between provincial courts. And the court of Queen’s bench. They are generally exactly the same.

This means both courts happen within a courtroom. The proceedings are handled by a judge, who will ultimately decide on the outcome. They will try and get both people to agree on a compromise.

And a feeling that, they will make a decision. That is legally binding on behalf of both people. Divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests people should avoid this at all costs. Simply because it will not be in any one person’s favour.

It will typically be a compromise, that is not what either party wants. However, once the judge makes a decision. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it will be legally binding. Which cannot be undone.

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If two people agree on something. And then decide it is not in their best favour. They can always go back to court. Come to a different agreement with each other. Which is why it is never beneficial.

Two failed to come to an agreement. And have the judge decide. Typically, if people retain a divorce lawyer. To help with their divorce or family law matter. They will never see the inside of a courtroom.

Therefore, the difference between a federal court, the court of Queen’s bench. In a provincial court is not going to matter at all. However, if people cannot afford to hire their own lawyer.

They are going to have to appear, and that is when it will make a difference. The biggest thing that people are going to have to think about. Is that depending on the size of the courthouse in their municipality.

They will have to give themselves extra time. To find where there going to. Since the court of Queen’s bench and provincial court. Will happen in the same courthouse. Usually, in a different location, like on a different floor.

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Divorce lawyer Edmonton | Is Federal Court Different Than Provincial Court

One thing that people should keep in mind says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that it does not matter if they are going to be appearing in a court of Queen’s bench. Or provincial court, how they conduct themselves matters.

Typically, the court of Queen’s bench is only where people will go. If they are dealing with a legal marriage breakdown. Or a division of marital property. All other matters can be dealt with. In the provincial court, such as child support matters.

Parenting matters, and spousal support. The reason why, is because family law matters are exactly the same provincially and federally. But only a federal court can deal with marital breakdown properly.

Marriage is a specific legal process. That can only be granted by Canada’s highest court. Therefore, it can only be undone by the divorce act. The legislation dealing with relationship breakdown is the family Law act of Alberta.

And if people are common-law, and they are experiencing family law matters. Then they simply need to go to the provincial court. However, if they are legally married. And are trying to deal with a divorce, or division of marital property.

They should know that if there are children from their relationship. They will be required to complete an online course called parenting after separation. This is required by law, and contains great information.

Parents need to have this completed before they can file anything in the court of Queen’s bench. And it will tell them a lot of their rights, as well as obligations. Not just to each other, but to their children as well.

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As well, if people are applying to the court of Queen’s bench. And there are children from their relationship. There also going to have to disclose their financial information. Not just the court, but to each other.

This is so that they can calculate child support. They will likely use this to calculate spousal support as well if needed. But if people think that they can get out of paying child support. By failure to disclose their financial information to the court.

They should understand that this is not going to be an effective tactic. The reason why says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is quite simply, because the judge can assess child support payments. Anything they deem to be reasonable.

And how a judge arrives at that conclusion. Can be any way they see fit. Such as looking at that person’s career. And estimating how much they think that career makes. Or even anecdotal evidence from their former spouse.

In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says most times. That a parent fails to disclose their finances. They are ordered to pay more in child support. Then they would have to pay, if they disclosed in the first place.

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