Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is Child Welfare


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is Child Welfare

Child welfare refers to children who may need help says divorce lawyer Edmonton. As outlined by the laws in Alberta. The laws that govern child welfare is called the child youth family and enhancement act.

This is a very extensive set of laws. That can be read for free online. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests. That if anyone is reading the laws. Because they have a specific need or question.

It may be far more advantageous. To ask a lawyer directly. Instead of trying to interpret the legal speak in this document. As well, because child welfare. Is considered so important in this province.

If people have questions about it. There are hundreds of lawyers in this province. That are more than happy to answer any questions. And give free legal advice. To help parents and guardians. Do the right thing.

For their child, or their children. As well, many people are unaware. Of children who need help. And what that looks like. Or what abuse is considered bad enough. To call the authorities on.

For example, people should look at corporal punishment. Because while some parents still believe. That this is a fine way. To deal with a child. There is a fine line says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Between corporal punishment and cruel and unusual punishment. It is outlined very specifically in the child youth family and enhancement act. Which is why if people are concerned. They should simply call a lawyer first.

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Also, outlined in the act, is what it looks like. If a child is in need of intervention. While this may seem like an awkward turn of phrase. It really just outlines. What type of treatment or behaviour.

A child should be saved from. For example, it covers off scenarios. Such as the child getting physically, emotionally or sexually abused. By the parents or guardians themselves. But also it covers off.

The physical, emotional or sexual abuse. By someone other than the parent or guardian. Whether or not the parent or guardian is unaware of this abuse. Or if they are aware of the abuse.

But they are for some reason unable, or unwilling to stop the abuse. In most cases, parents who are unable. Or unwilling to stop the abuse. Are either getting abused themselves. Or they find themselves in a precarious situation.

Such as they are getting drugs. From the person who is abusing their child. And they are unwilling to say something. Because there drug connection may dry up. This is why when child and family services gets involved.

Often, the solution. Comes down to helping the parents. Get the assistance they need. Such as drug and addiction help. Or, taking parenting courses. Because for the most part. Parents do not want to harm their children.

If anyone has any questions. About child welfare directly. Or about the laws governing child welfare. Called the child youth family and enhancement act. They should reach out to eLaw alliance today. For a free, one hour consultation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Child Welfare Act

Child welfare refers to the care of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And for the most part, most children in this province. Are being very well taken care of. However, agencies exist in Alberta.

Simply because not all children. Are taken care of all of the time. It is unfortunate to say. But a lot of the time, government intervention is needed. Because the child is being harmed in some way.

The branch of government that deals with this. Is collectively known as child and family services. But individually. And the various municipalities throughout Alberta. They may be called something different.

In one community it might be called. The family counselling and support services, or also known as F CSS. Regardless of what name they are working under. They are actually obligated to investigate.

Any and all claims of a child. Who is in need of intervention. Which is the terminology used. In the child youth family and enhancement act. And will first to a child who is being abused.

By many different ways says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Or a child, who needs help. For other reasons. Such as they run away from home. Or they have been abandoned. Either temporarily or permanently.

By a parent or guardian. Or, a child who has become lost. Such as a scenario. Where they become separated from their family at the mall. Or, have wandered away from the parents. During a camping trip for example.

Even a scenario where the parents or guardians have unfortunately. Passed away, counts. As a child who is in need of intervention. Child and family services will investigate. Who the right person to take custody.

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Of the child would be, such as the family next of kin. And if there is none, if it is appropriate. To put the child into foster care. Again, it will depend on many different variables.

If they investigate. And discover that yes. A child is in need of intervention. Again, child and family services. Actually have multiple ways. That they can address the situation.

Additionally, they can propose a series of corrections. And actions for the parents or guardians to undertake. That they believe, will fix the situation. And restore safety to the child once more.

Some of the things that they may ask the parents to do. Might be cleaning up physical hazards. Cleaning the home. And buying groceries. Also, but might include things like taking parenting courses.

Furthermore, undergoing neurological assessments. Or going to counselling. Again, these agreements are completely voluntary to sign. But once signed, they become legal binding documents.

However, child and family services do not have to go this route. Opting instead for going directly to court. But also, parents and guardians. Do not have to sign these agreements either. Which would also trigger a court date.

Again, only a lawyer will truly know. Which way is best for each parent or guardian to go in. Which is why anyone who is being investigated. By child and family services. Also, or who has received an agreement from them.

Finally, should immediately contact divorce lawyer Edmonton, and get a free consultation. To discuss how they should proceed. With this very important document.