Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is Child And Family Services

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is Child And Family Services

While there is not one specific governing body, making up Child and family services says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There are many different government agencies across Alberta. That handle matters relating to the welfare of children.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The umbrella term for all of these various government agencies is Child and family services. And regardless of what specific government agency is handling Child welfare.

Any time they receive a complaint. Or hear about a child in need of intervention. They will investigate the complaints.

Even though they may not the police or RCMP. Child and family services have broad powers at their disposal. To allow them to thoroughly investigate the complaint of a child in need of intervention.

Not only can they enter the home where the child lives. In order to look at the conditions that the child is being captain, or the condition of the home in general.

But Child and family services can also speak to the parents or guardians. Siblings of the child, the child themselves. In any third parties who could potentially be witnesses.

These witnesses could be friends, neighbours, other family members. And even teachers of the child, who may have even issued a complaint themselves.

After a thorough investigation, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that child and family services will have options on how to deal with the situation. In an effort to fix the problems, and eliminate the issues that cause the complaint in the first place.

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If they decide to handle the issue out of court. They will draft up an agreement called custody agreements. Family enhancement agreements or permanent Guardian agreements.

They have conditions that must be cleared. To close the matter. Including things such as getting counselling, or various assessments done. Some parents or guardians must go to parenting classes. To complete conditions.

While the goal of Child and family services will be to rectify the situation to protect the child. It is very important that parents understand that these agreements are actually voluntary to sign.

They are not legally obligated to sign any agreement, nor can they be coerced or bullied into it by anyone. However once they are signed, these documents become legally binding for the remainder of the child’s life as a minor.

This is why it is incredibly important for parents who may have been presented in agreement. To get independent legal advice. And to do so before they signed the document.

What is in that parents or guardians of rights. Is to either sign the document, if they have discussed it with their lawyer that it is within their best interest. They can make amendments to the agreement. That child and family services can agree to or not.

Or, they can instead reject the agreement completely. Which will take the matter to court. For a judge to decide on the best outcome of the situation says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

While it might be very stressful to have Child and family services come in and investigate a family. The goal will be to protect a child, and a parent or guardian can ensure that they are helping their child. By getting legal advice from a lawyer who is dedicated to representing them, and parents best interests.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Child And Family Services

Despite the fact that there is not 1 Specific Government Agency in Alberta called Child and family services says divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is more of a broad term for all of the various government agencies. That handle matters concerning child welfare.

No matter what government agency they belong to or come from. They will have a lot of powers when it comes to protecting children from harm. Especially if they receive a complaint that a child needs intervention.

After they investigate a claim. If they have determined that a child does need help. They will be able to handle the situation in one of two ways.

The first way is to give an agreement to the parent or guardian. That will allow them to clear conditions, that child and family services believe will help them rectify the situation that put the child in danger.

However, they can also go through the court system. In order to address the situation as well. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says that if child of family services decide to go through court instead of having an agreement signed.

The first thing that child and family services will do, is apply for something called an apprehension order.

This will allow child and family services to remove children from the home while the matter is before court. In order to protect that child before a decision is made.

After the child has been removed from the parent or guardians care. Child and family services will have only forty-two days in order to decide what they are going to do.

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The options that child and family services has after apprehension of the children. Is one of three substantial applications. These applications will be agreements that the parents must adhere to.

They will have various conditions that they must adhere to in order to rectify the situation that put the child in danger. And upon completing these conditions, child and family services can close the matter.

Conditions can be things like psychological, addictions or domestic violence counselling. It can be parenting courses. Or even assessments such as psychological, and neurological.

If however apparent does not complete the conditions within the timeframe granted to them by the application. Child and family services can extend the agreement. Or take the next step.

All of these steps are very serious. And once it is in court, and having a judge rule on the matter. Parents and guardians should have their own lawyer. That are advocating on behalf of of what is in the best interest of the family, both the parent and child.

The more knowledge that the parent or guardian has in this situation. The more likely the outcome is going to be in the parent or guardian and child’s favour. And will help not only rectify the situation that endangered the child in the first place.

But it can help ensure that the parent remains with their child. And the child is also protected according to divorce lawyer Edmonton.