Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is A Family Enhancement Agreement

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is A Family Enhancement Agreement

The province of Alberta takes the welfare of the children within the province very seriously, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Parents need to understand the law.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

If a person has put in a complaint about the welfare of a child. Or if a child is in need of intervention. This will cause the child and family services agency to investigate.

They will be able to not only speak to the guardians or parents of the child. And the child themselves says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

But child and family services will also be able to speak to siblings, other family members, and other people who might be witnesses. Such as the child’s teacher, daycare staff or neighbours.

When child and family services finishes their investigation. They might conclude that no action needs to happen, and the child is safe.

However, they might also think that changes need to be made. In order to help protect that child and keep them safe. And they might draft up an agreement that is called a family enhancement agreement.

This agreement can include directions about how parents or guardians can address problems, and fix the situation that caused the child’s to be in danger in the first place.

They might include conditions such as going to a parenting course. Or getting counselling, such as domestic violence counselling.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says upon completion of these conditions. Can allow child and family services to and their investigation, and consider the matter closed.

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However, the most important thing for parents to keep in mind. Is that the agreements that child and family services present. Our only voluntary to sign. And not only can parents and guardians not be forced or coerced into signing them.

But they are also allowed to get independent legal advice on the contents of the agreement. And even if they are unable to hire a lawyer because they cannot afford one.

Many various lawyers across the entire province. Are able to give free legal advice on these family enhancement agreements. Before signing them.

They can either agree to the terms, once there lawyer has agreed that it is in their best interest. And simply clear the conditions, and close the matter.

Or, the lawyer can help the parent or guardian make amendments or adjustments to the agreement. To petition the child and family services to change. And then sign the agreement.

Or third, the option is to not sign the agreement at all. Which will force the matter before a judge. And during a trial, it will be decided what is in the best interest of the child.

The most important thing that parents on guardians need to keep in mind about the family enhancement agreements. Is that once they are signed. They are completely legally binding, and they will not be changed.

Because it is a legal document. If apparent signs the agreement first, before understanding what is in the agreement. They will lose their opportunity to negotiate to change the terms.

Any time a parent or guardian is dealing with child and family services. They should have independent legal representation. So that there is someone on their side, helping them advocate for the families best interest.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Importance Of A Family Enhancement Agreement

The government in Alberta takes the welfare of the children within the province there he seriously says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is why there is an entire act that governs welfare of children in this province.

The act that is called the child youth family and enhancement act can be found online for free. Therefore, anyone who has any questions about the welfare of children. Can read the act, and learn about what their rights and obligations are.

This act also specifies that if any adult witnesses a child in need of intervention. Which means there is a reasonable or probable grounds to believe.

That the safety, security, or development of the child is in any way endangered. They are legally obligated to report this says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

The child youth family and enhancement act will even outline specifically what those terms are that puts a child in danger. However, in order to fulfil their legal obligation to report it.

An adult must either inform a government agency such as the child and family services organization. Or the police, and even the RCMP.

Once a complaint has been made, child and family services will conduct an investigation. And depending on what they discover. Can handle it in a variety of ways.

In very serious cases, they will take the matter to court. Which will allow child and family services to present their evidence before a judge. And it will also allow a parent to present their own evidence.

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And allow a judge to rule in what is the best interest of the child in the situation. While this is a very serious situation. Child and family services do not need to take the matter to court. Because they will have the ability to create agreements. That are designed to rectify the problem.

These agreements can be called a family enhancement agreement. That are designed to help fix the problem of that put the child in danger in the first place.

While it might require that parents or guardians must attend parenting courses. Or get counselling for psychological, or addictions. It can also require a parent or guardian to address situations that put the child in danger as well.

And while these agreements are not mandatory for a parent to sign. Once they sign, become legally binding. But as long as a parent is able to clear the conditions within the specified amount of time.

Then child and family services can close the matter, and ensure that the child is no longer in danger. This can be the best case scenario. That addresses child in need, fixes the situation, and allows the parent to continue having custody of their child during the situation.

At all times, divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends that parents cooperate. With they child and family services agency. Even if they are going to court. Because the more cooperative they can be. The better it is going to look in the long run.

While going through a situation where child and family services is involved can be very serious. Parents can fix the problems that were identified. As well as cooperate with the agency. To ensure the welfare of their own child is looked after.