Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does the Family Law Act Say


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does the Family Law Act Say

It is very important that even if parents are not legally married, that they hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. When they are deciding to end their relationship.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The reason why this is so important, is because they must adhere to the family Law act of Alberta. And ensure that the rights of their children are being upheld.

Because even if they are not in the legal marriage. The rights of their children is very important. And they will want to ensure that they are adhering to those laws. So that they do not get into trouble legally.

One of the most important things that both parents need to understand. Is that they both have an obligation to their child. To contribute financially to their life.

How the court will figure this out. Is by understanding which parent will have more parenting time than the other. And while many parents nowadays are sharing parenting time equally with each other.

One parent needs to be considered as the one who is caring for the children more than 60% of the time. Because the other parent the required to pay child support.

The reason why, is because the parent that has the children for more time. Are seen as legally as bearing a larger financial burden when it comes to their children. Paying for more food, and shelter as well as bills for example.

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Therefore, they are already financially contribute to their child’s life. And that the child support being paid by the other parent. Is to ensure that both parents are taking financial responsibility.

For the life that they both brought into the world says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And they should not see it as paying one parent for caring for the child because that is not what it is.

In this obligation is also why parents are not going to be able to be relieved of this responsibility by the court. Even if they choose not to have any relationship with their child.

Even parents that are being kept from seeing their child by the other parent. Cannot decide to withhold child support, in an effort to encourage that parent to allow them to see their child.

If one parent is withholding visitation. The best move is for the parent contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And apply legally, through the court system. To have access reinstated.

Because while the parent who is withholding visitation get into legal trouble. The parent who is also withholding child support can get into legal trouble. And this should be avoided.

By understanding that the family Law act in Alberta. Outlines exactly what they are legally entitled to. But also what they are legally required to do for their children.

Can ensure that whether parents hire divorce lawyer or not. That they are acting within the law, to ensure that they are caring for the children of their union fully. So that their child can have the best life possible.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does The Alberta Family Law Act Say

While many couples who are splitting up, and have children in their relationship may not want to hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. It may be an important way to ensure that they are splitting up legally.

Because although they are not legally married. There are rights as well as obligations that they have. To each other, and to the children in their relationship. Back to the law takes very seriously.

They need to figure out things such as parenting time, custody, and child support payments. And adhering to the family Law act. Can ensure that both parents are acting accordingly.

One of the first things that parents will need to decide alongside their own divorce lawyer. Is who is going to have custody. Whether they will share what is called joint custody.

And while many people here custody, and make assumptions. This means who has parenting time with the child more. Custody has nothing to do with parenting time at all.

It actually refers to decision-making authority. Therefore, when parents share is called joint custody. That means that they are both going to decide together a wide variety of topics.

About their child’s life, such as where they will go to school and where they will live. As well as who they are allowed to associate with, and what their cultural or religious upbringing will be.

What joint custody will not allow. Is for one parent to dictate the rules that the other parent must adhere to, when they have their own parenting time with the child.

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And matter who has custody, whether it is joint or sole custody. As long as both parents are fit. They both are allowed to make decisions about what rules child will follow.

Both parents will be able to decide bedtime, curfew, and when they must get homework done. As well as what food they eat, and what clothes they can where.

The next thing that will be decided says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is which parent will have more parenting time than the other. And if one parent has sole custody, they alone can decide how much time each parent gets their children.

That being said however. Parents need to understand that for to wants to see both parents have as much maximum contact as possible. Which means the court encourages both parents.

To have as much time with their children as possible. And if parents with sole custody is denying any visitation. That made be overturned by a judge.

Who might then make a decision on how often the parents both have parenting time with their children. Therefore, it is always in both parents best interest. To ensure both parents have as much time their child as possible.

And if they cannot agree upon this says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They may find themselves going to court, with their child’s interests being represented by their own lawyer. And if parents want to avoid this.

They should work very carefully together. To ensure that both of them can cooperate as best as they can. To ensure they can separate amicably.