Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does the Divorce Act Say

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does the Divorce Act Say

Even though people who are divorcing will need to hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. They should also be aware of what the divorce act is. Because these are all of the laws that govern their decision to get divorced.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Being legally married carries many legal obligations. And undoing that act. Requires a lot of different laws. And anyone can read the divorce act for free online. And know exactly what they need to do.

When it comes to divorcing in Alberta. And while there divorce lawyer is going to be able to help them with that. knowing they can read it for free any time can be comforting to many people.

And when the relationship includes children. It becomes even more important to know the divorce act. Because the rights of the children will be included in this document.

And it is very important that both parents who are divorcing. To understand very clearly, that the child gets their rights looked after. And what those rights are.

For example, many people may not realize. That paying child support is not about paying one parent to care for the child. But instead, a way of ensuring that both parents. No matter who has parenting time with that child.

Our both financially contributing to that child’s life. Because that is a requirement under the divorce act in Alberta. And that when a parent decides to stop paying child support. That that will get them in trouble with the law.

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And will many parents think that this is how they are going to punish their significant other. For not letting them see their child. They are still not legally allowed to stop paying child support.

No matter if there ex spouse is not letting them see their child. And the more appropriate reaction. Instead of stop paying child support. Would be to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And apply through the court, to ensure that the other parent lives up to their obligations for visitation. And if a parent stops paying child support, even when they do not see their child.

The parent that is not paying child support. Can be taken to court, even if they are denying access to the child. And parent that is not paying child support can get into legal trouble.

And this is also why divorce lawyer Edmonton says even if a parent has decided to not have anything to do with their child anymore. They are still required to pay child support, until their child is of legal age.

And that if a parent stops paying child support at any time. They can be taken to court, where they will trigger the maintenance enforcement act. Who have the authority to get child support through a number of ways.

Such as garnishing their wages, taking away their drivers license. And taking away their passport just to name a few. Therefore, parents should ensure that they are living up to their obligations to their child.

And allowing visitation, as well as paying child support. Because those are what the court will be considered the rights of the child. And the most important thing in a divorce.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning What the Divorce Act Says

Many people are not aware of all of the laws when it comes to divorce says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And they end up fighting a lot. And that can be completely avoided, if they understood what the laws said.

Even if parents are in agreement that they do not need to get child support. They cannot negotiate that right away from their child. Because child support as a right of the child of their relationship.

And that if a parent decides to not pay. Even when the first parent agrees. They are not living up to their obligation to the child. And if a court sees that this is happening.

Not only could they cause parents to go to court. But the child may be assessed their own lawyer. Who will represent them as well as their rights. To ensure that what is in the best interest of the child is being upheld.

And what the court considers in the best interest of the child. Is as much contact with both parents as possible. And that is what they call maximum contact says divorce lawyer.

Unless there is reason to believe that maximum contact is not in the child’s best first. And that both parents will be as involved in their child’s life as possible. Including ensuring they have joint custody whenever possible.

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And if one parent is looking to relocate their child in themselves out of province. They will needs to get written consent from the other parent. And if they are not able to get this consent.

They may make a mobility application within the court. And have to convince a judge to allow them to move out of province. And one of the factors that the judge will take into consideration.

Is what sort of connection the child has with the parent that is going to stay behind. And whether moving them away from each other is going to be in that child’s best interest.

By taking into consideration the best interests of the children. As well as their legal right to have both parents contribute financially to their life. Is what the courts will be most concerned with.

And the courts will take the child’s input into consideration says divorce lawyer Edmonton. When the child is old enough. To be able to make decisions themselves.

For example, when the child is five, they are not going to be old enough to have their wishes listened to buy the court and a judge. However, once they reach fourteen or fifteen years old. The courts will weigh their opinion much more significantly.

If parents are divorcing, and there are children in their relationship. They may want to each retain their own divorce lawyer Edmonton as quickly as possible. So that they can ensure that they are proceeding according to the law.