Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does Child And Family Services Do

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Does Child And Family Services Do

While most parents, and children never have to worry says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There is a branch of government, provincially. Task with overseeing complaints. About children who may be abused.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

According to the law, which is called the child youth family and enhancement act. A child who needs help. Is called a child in need of intervention. Also, according to this law.

It is every Alberta citizens responsibility. To bring any scenario to the attention. Of child and family services. If they suspect, or have knowledge. That the child is being abused in any way.

And while the abuse can be overt says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as a parent or guardian physically abusing a child. Sexually abusing a child. Or emotionally abusing a child.

Sometimes, it is more nuanced than that. And a child who is in need of intervention. Also, might be a child who is getting abused. Physically, sexually or emotionally. By somebody other than the parent or guardian.

But the parent or guardian is either unable. Or unwilling to stop the abuse. As well, a child in need of intervention. May be one that has run away from home. Who has become separated from their parents or guardians.

Or, whose parents or guardians have passed away. And they do not have living relatives. That is when child and family services can jump into action. And investigate, and recommend what happens to the child.

People should also keep in mind. That child and family services can be called in. To investigate many scenarios. Such as cruel and unusual punishment. Therefore, parents may not see it as abuse.

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But what constitutes abuse. Is outlined. In the child youth family and enhancement act. If anyone wants to read this act for free online. They can do so at can lead, a nonprofit organization. That not only offers.

Laws for people to read online for free. But they can also provide free legal advice. To anyone who has a problem. And most certainly, anyone. Who is currently under investigation. By child and family services.

They will have extremely broad powers. To allow them to investigate the claim thoroughly. From entering into a child’s home. To speaking to witnesses. Such as the child directly.

The parents or guardians, teachers, neighbours and witnesses. As well as the child’s siblings, and other family members. At the end of their investigation. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says.

They can handle this in one of two ways. They can immediately take the parents to court. And trigger a court date, where both parties. Will argue their case in front of the judge.

But most of the time before it gets to that point. Most child and family services workers. Will try to resolve things. Outside of court, in a document called a custody agreement.

These agreements outline the changes. That the child and family services worker is suggesting. To fix the scenario, and ensure that the child no longer will be in need of intervention.

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Most parents or guardians never have to worry says divorce lawyer Edmonton. About their child being investigated. By child and family services. Because most parents and guardians. Do not abuse their children.

However, it is about their unfortunate. That this branch of the government needs to exist says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But, children across the province. Do need help. And do get abused.

That is when child family services can leap into action. In order to investigate. And try to help eliminate. The scenarios, where the child becomes endangered. According to the laws, a child needs help.

If they are being abused by parent or guardian. Or abused by somebody else, and the parent or guardian. Is unable, or unwilling to protect the child. The types of abuse as outlined in the law.

Which is aptly named the child youth family and enhancement act. Is physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse. Cruel and unusual punishment. Child abandonment, or a child who runs away from home.

As well, alternatively a child is in need of intervention. If the parents or guardians pass on. And they need another home. Whether they step in until the parents wills can be read.

Or, simply taking the child to their parents of kin. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says often it is this easy. But in some cases. Parents or guardians pass away. And there is no clear step. Of who gets the child.

They might go into foster care. For a time, until it can be decided. What the best place is. For that child. If the child and family services discover. That a child is being abused. They can try to fix the situation.

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Or take the parents and guardians to court. If they decide to go right to court. The child and family services worker. Must file what is called a substantial application. However, there are three types of these applications that can be made.

Additionally, the supervision order is the least serious substantive application says divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is an order, that will allow the parents or guardians. To have custody of their children.

While rectifying the situations. However, that endangered the child in the first place. Again, the next type of substantive application. Is called a temporary guardianship order. Where the child will be placed in other care.

While the parents or guardians rectify. Again, the situation that had the child in danger. Again, the child can be placed in foster care. Or in the care of another family member under this order.

And finally, the third type of substantive application. Also, that child and family services can apply for. Is called a permanent guardianship order. While the temporary guardianship may last 3 to 6 months.

Finally, a permanent guardianship order. Effectively strips a parents of their parental rights. Not just temporarily. But permanently, with very few exceptions. This is only done when a parent as significantly.

Endangered their child, such as extreme violence. Extreme drug use, or other very drastic scenarios. In conclusion, children often need help. And child protective services do that daily.