Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Divorcing Parents Should Know

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Divorcing Parents Should Know

There parents are legally divorcing, or separating because they are not legally wed, they need to find a divorce lawyer Edmonton. To ensure that they are not only getting what they are entitled to as parents. But that they are living up to the obligations to their child as well.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

It is extremely important that both parents understand. That there are legal rights that their child has. When they are divorcing or separating. That are protected by the courts.

And while it is everyone’s goal, to divorce or separate as amicably as comfortable says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Not all divorces or separations go this well.

Because by the time parents are considering splitting, or divorcing each other. Their relationship has eroded to the point of no longer being able to communicate well with each other.

And if parents are not able to cooperate. Or agree with each other on issues such as custody, parenting time, and visitation matters. Then if they go to court. Not only will a stranger likely end up making the decision.

But often, the courts will assign the child, or children in the family their own lawyer. Which both parents must share the cost of. To ensure that their child’s rights are being upheld as well.

Therefore, it is always the goal of divorce lawyer Edmonton to ensure that parents income to can come to a decision together. And what is in the best interest of their children.

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If parents want to read up on their rights and obligations under the law in Alberta. Then they should look online for the divorce act, and the family Law act. Because these will specify exactly what their requirements are.

It is also very important for parents to keep in mind that when the court is making decisions. They tend to consider what is in the best interest of the child, will be to have both parents have as much access to their child as possible.

Therefore, if a parent is trying to get sole custody, or more parenting time. They are going to have to prove to the courts. That there is enough of a reason to deny that parent access.

As well as deny that parent decision-making authority over their children. And that is going to be very difficult to do. Therefore, before parents try to limit access to their children.

They should understand what the court is looking to do. In what they consider in the best interest of the children of the relationship. By keeping this in mind, they can often make their decisions with their divorce lawyer.

When parents understand what their rights are as well as what their obligations are under law. They are going to be able to come to agreements on things like custody, and parenting time.

That will help them legally separate, and get on with their life. While ensuring that their child has everything they need to succeed in life. Including access to both parents.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Divorcing Parents Should Know This

It can be very emotional when parents decide to end their relationship, which is why they should hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Who can help them make important decisions, in a way that is less emotionally taxing on them.

They will be able to point out things like what their rights are. But also, what their obligations are to any minor children that come from the relationship. To ensure that they are upholding the laws.

One of the first things that parents are going to have to decide together. Is who is going to get custody of the children. And while many people think that this is who will have access to the children, that is not accurate.

Custody refers to decision-making authority. And when parents are choosing between sole custody, and joint custody. All they are referring to. Is the ability to make decisions about their child together.

These are large life decisions. Including where they will live, where they will go to school and associated with. As well as what their cultural or religious bringing will be.

Therefore, parents have joint custody. They are saying that they are going to make those large decisions about their children together. However, if one parent has sole custody.

They will make all of those decisions alone. And they do not need to consider input from the other parent in making those decisions. But when one parent does have sole custody.

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That does not mean that they can tell the other parent what rules their child must have and follow when they have parenting time. Each parent gets to decide what rules their children have when they have the child for visitation.

The next thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents need to decide. Is who will have what amount of parenting time. And while joint custody means the parents will decide where the child lives together.

Typically, one parent will have the child for children more than half the time. And they will be considered to have more parenting time than the other parent.

And since the parent that has the child for longer periods of time. Is seen by the court as having a larger financial burden in caring for that child. It is the parent, with less parenting time.

That is going to be required to pay child support. And the reason why this is important. Is because the courts require both parents financially contributing to the life that they created together.

This is why a parent is very rarely ever excused from this requirement. And why, even when one parent is making more money than the other that is required to pay child support. That they still have to pay this amount.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents should see it less of paying parent. And more about contributing financially to that child’s life. When they think that in this way, paying child support becomes a lot easier for many parents.