Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Can Be Done To Protect Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Can Be Done To Protect Children

Children often need protection says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Simply because they are one of the most vulnerable segments of any society. The act that governs child welfare in Alberta. Is called the child’s youth family and enhancement act.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

If anyone has any questions about child welfare law within Alberta. Or if they find themselves in a situation that they are looking for answers. This act can be found in its entirety online for free.

However, if people find themselves in a situation involving child welfare or child and family services. There are many helping agencies across the province. That connects people in need with lawyers. That can help give legal advice or information that they may need.

If there has been a complaint that there is a child in need of intervention. This will cause the child and family services to investigate. If a parent or guardian is being investigated by this governing body. They may decide to seek out legal help at this time.

Ultimately, depending on what child and family services find. They may simply create a document called a family enhancement agreement says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is a legally binding document.

That once signed, requires a parent or guardian to complete a series of conditions. That can help remove the danger that the child is facing.

This can include things such as going to addictions counselling, getting help for domestic violence. And even taking parenting courses. That can help teach skills that parents might not have. That can help them be a stronger parent.

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Once a parent or guardian completes these conditions. The child and family services worker can either close the file. Or create a new family enhancement agreement. That contains new requirements that can help ensure that a parent or guardian is continuing to work towards creating a safe environment for their child.

And while these agreements can be very beneficial. A parent or guardian is not under any legal obligation to sign this agreement. And in fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends that no person should sign anything. Without speaking to a lawyer first.

And depending on that conversation. A parent might feel that it is in fact their best interest to sign this agreement. Or, their lawyer might make recommendations to the agreements, that child family services may agree to.

Or, it might be in a parent’s best interest to go to trial instead. And let a judge decide on whether the parent needs to do anything or not.

However, if a parent is making the decision to go to trial. It is definitely important that they have independent legal representation.

Because they will need to present evidence in court. As well as argue their position. And that is best done with legal help. Instead of trying to do it themselves.

With how complex the laws are governing child welfare in this province. Any chance that a parent can get at receiving legal help. They should take to ensure the safety of your child is taken as seriously as possible.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Needs To Be Done To Protect Children

The reason why it is so important for laws to protect children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is because they are so vulnerable. And can easily be taken advantage of.

Because of that, there is an entire document called the child’s youth family and enhancement act. That specifies child welfare, and protecting children in Alberta.

What this act does, is not only specify how best to protect children. But it also specifies that any person who witnesses a child that needs intervention. Not only should report the situation to the authorities.

But in fact, legally obligated to report children that are in danger to the authorities. Because they can face consequences if harm comes to the child, and they were found to have not alerted the correct government agencies.

Will however, many people are hesitant to report children in need of intervention to the appropriate authorities. Because they are not sure what a child that is in need of intervention looks like.

Therefore, the child’s youth family and enhancement act specifies a child is in need of intervention if: there is probable grounds or a reason to believe that the safety, development or security of a child is at risk in any way.

This can specify there he easy to recognize circumstances. Such as what to do and who to notify if the child’s parents pass away. Or if a child runs away from home, is abandoned, or comes lost for any reason.

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However, children in need of intervention can also include children who are being neglected, physically, emotionally, or sexually abused by their guardian. Or, if their guardian is unable or unwilling to protect their child from that same use.

Also, divorce lawyer Edmonton says if you guardian subjects their child, or is unable to protect their child cruel and unusual punishments. All fall goal into the situation of a child in need of intervention.

If any other person sees any of these circumstances, it will obligate them to report this to the authorities. Or face the consequences themselves for not speaking up.

Once child and family services is involved, their goal will be to protect the child as best as they can. They will have many tools at their disposal to do so.

However, parents who have an investigation currently with child and family services. Should get a lawyer themselves.

because while the child and family services is going to do with they believe is in the best child’s interest. A parent is often the best person to help dictate what is in the child’s best interest.

And by getting independent and legal counsel. Can help parents ensure that their child’s best interest is upheld.

With how serious child welfare is in Alberta. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents who are experiencing problems. Should work for what is best interest of their child.