Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Are The Laws Keeping Kids Safe


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Are The Laws Keeping Kids Safe

In Alberta, there are many laws keeping kids safe says divorce lawyer Edmonton. These numerous laws are known under the act, or statute. Called the child youth family and enhancement act.

Called the child youth family and enhancement act. This outlines all of the ways. That children can and should be protected. And all of the different things that they should be protected from.

It outlines what a child who may be in danger looks like. As well as how to keep them safe. Any time someone has a complaint. Whether they suspect a child is in danger. Or if they know the child is in danger.

That causes the child and family services to spring into action. There are actually many different agencies. Throughout the province of Alberta. Specifically dealing with child welfare across the province.

However, because they are named. Several things in different municipalities. In the statute, they are known collectively. As child and family services. Also, they actually have extremely broad, sweeping powers.

Again, that allow them to not only thoroughly investigate. Any claims of child endangerment. Called under the laws, a child in need of intervention. But they also have broad powers. To allow them to resolve situations.

Especially outside of the court room, because the court system. In Alberta, is incredibly back it up. The first thing that people should understand. Is the laws also state. That regular citizens. Who suspect that.

Furthermore, a child is in need of intervention. Is actually legally obligated to speak up. Simply because children. Our societies most vulnerable population. They have no voice of their own. And need protection.

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Therefore, if somebody knows something. And does not reported, if it is discovered. That they could have spoken up. And prevented more of the abuse happening. They could be held legally responsible says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

However, many people are unaware. Of what a child in need of intervention. Actually looks like, or what it means. It can cover some very innocuous types of situations. Such as a child who has become lost.

Perhaps they wandered away. From their parents in a mall. Or got separated from the family. During a camping trip, and is lost in the woods. However, it can also include a child. That may have run away from home

Or have also been abandoned. Either permanently, or temporary. By their parent or guardian. An example of this, would be a parent or guardian. Who leaves the child at home alone the weekend.

While they go on a trip, or go to the bar. Or a parent or guardian that leaves their child. With the babysitter, and are not back. By the time they say they would. Perhaps it is the next day even.

Furthermore, these can all describe the child who is in need of intervention. But also, a child who is in need of intervention. Might be specifically abused. Physically, sexually or emotionally.

Or, their parent or guardian may not be able or willing. So, to protect their child from that abuse, from someone else. If anyone has any information.

Also, about a child who is in need of intervention. They must alert the provincial authorities. Such as the RCMP immediately says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Keeping Children Safe

There are many laws in Alberta says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That are aimed at protecting children. The laws are all under one act, called the child youth family and enhancement act. Not only do these describe.

All of the scenarios that a child. Might be considered in danger, and therefore. In need of intervention. But also, the laws outlined. Additionally, what happens once there is complaint made.

First of all, any complaint that comes in. About the child who is in need of intervention. Or if someone suspects. That the child is in need of intervention. But does not have any proof.

Also, then the child and family services. Which is an umbrella term referring to the numerous organizations. Across Alberta, that act as the child protectors. In the province, are actually legally obligated.

To investigate the claim, to their fullest capabilities. And they do have significant power to do so. Their power actually rivals that of the RCMP. Such as being able to enter a premises. Do a thorough search.

Again, as well as interview the children, parents or guardians. Involved in the claim, and all other witnesses. Witnesses might be other members of the family. Neighbours, babysitters or teachers.

Anyone who might have special insight. Into the child, or the family. However, will be spoken to and interviewed. By the child and family services workers. If the child is indigenous, Inuit or Métis.

Then the child and family services must adhere. To culturally appropriate practices. To be sensitive to the child’s cultural policies and practices. These special considerations are outlined.

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So, very specifically within the child youth family and enhancement act. After the investigation, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. If the child and family services believe. That the child is in need of intervention.

The next things to do would be either present an agreement. That outlines the changes. Child and family services would like. The parents or guardians to make. That can resolve the danger for the child.

Also, and while these agreements are voluntary to sign. Once signed, they become legally binding. Divorce lawyer Edmonton always recommends. That parents or guardians who receive an agreement. Should get legal, independent advice.

In order to understand the document. Finally, and what they would be obligated to do. And by what deadline, if they signed it. They might request some edits made. That will make them more likely to sign.

Or, the parents or guardians. Can refuse to sign it at all. And at this point, it would trigger a court date. Where both sides could. Have their side heard by a judge. Who would then make the ultimate decision.

Furthermore, on what happened with the child, and the parents. If parents refuse to sign the agreement. It is up to the child and family services. To file a substantial application. Which is basically an order.

Additionally, they are asking the judge to rule on. They include things like a supervision order, that allows the parents or guardians. To have custody of their children while changes are made. A temporary guardianship order.

Also, that would have the child in another family members care. Or in foster care, while changes are made. Or permanent guardianship order. That will strip the parents or guardians of their rights.