Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What About Your Kids

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What About Your Kids

Divorce is difficult, and with kids it is harder says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, not knowing the laws. As well as the rights, or obligations to all parties. Can land a person in legal hot water.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

For example, many people may think about. The obligation they have to their spouse. Such as whether they get alimony or not. Or they might think of child support. But think that that is right for their spouse.

And think less about the rights, or more importantly. The obligations they have to their child. This is extremely important to know. Because it is one of the first things that the law system will look at.

Is if the rights of the child are being upheld. The right of the child according to the laws in Alberta. As written in the family Law act of Alberta. As well as the divorce act of Alberta. Is that both parents are legally obligated.

To contribute to the life that they created. Whether or not they are in the child’s life. Whether that is by their choice or not. If they created life. They are legally obligated to support it.

The mechanism that ensures. That both parents support the life they create. Is child support. It is paid to the parent that has the most access. As a means to offset the money that they have spent.

Providing food, clothing and shelter for the child. As long as the child already had food clothing and shelter provided. The parent who receives the child support. Can spend the money on anything else.

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Common myth that many parents believe. Is that the child support must be spent. Directly on something pertaining to the child. This is not true. And is simply an amount of money. To offset what the parent is already providing.

Because of this, parents do not get to tell the other parent. How to spend the money. And they do not even need to spend it. On the child. However, in most cases says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

They do spend it on the child, or the family. Something else that the parents must keep in mind. When they are divorcing or separating. Is that they cannot dictate the rules. That the other parent uses when the child is at their house.

This is very difficult. And something that lawyers are used to navigating with their clients. They cannot tell the other parent. How to parent a their child. Such as bedtime, punishments, activities they engage in and how much TV they can watch.

While this might seem very frustrating for some parents. They need to understand. That they typically divorced due to a difference of many opinions. And how to raise their child may be one of them.

They can make life easier on themselves says divorce lawyer Edmonton. As well as easier on their child. If they do not try to go to court. In order to make the other parent do what they want.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What About Your Kids After Divorce

It is very important for children to be looked after says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Whether parents are separating or divorcing. In fact, all of the laws in Alberta. Our designed to protect children. And uphold their legal rights.

Not only do the individuals. Who are divorcing have rights and obligations. But together, if they have children. They have rights and obligations to the child as well. The first and most important right of the child.

His have both parents contribute to their upbringing. This is the reason why child support was created. It is the legal mechanism used. To be able to ensure. And also proof in a court of law. That both parents are contributing.

To the upbringing of the child. Even if one is only contribute financially. This is the entire reason why. Parents cannot waive child support. Even if they are in agreement with each other. Or one parent is not well-off.

They can always talk to the court and ask for minimum child support payments. However parents themselves. And with each other cannot make this agreement says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Even if a parent.

Decides to not be in the child’s life anymore. Or the other parent has withheld access. This still does not mean that a parent can stop paying child support. Even if a parent is willing to relinquish their parental rights.

And walk away from the child, they are still required to pay child support. The idea behind this says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that people who create life. Must be responsible for that life. Something else that parents should keep in mind.

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Is that children will need child support. Until they are eighteen or older. This is something that surprises many parents. Who think that they can stop paying child support. When their child is of legal age.

And in Alberta, legal age is eighteen years. And this is not the case. If the child is enrolled in postsecondary education. They may be entitled to receive child support.

Until their courses done. Even if that course is six or seven years. This means a parent may be required to pay child support. Until their child is twenty-five years of age. Something else that parents need to keep in mind.

Is if the child is dependent. On a parent for any reason. Such as a physical or mental disability. They are going to be required. Have child support payments. Until the court deems it is no longer necessary.

This may mean that a person is paying child support. For many years, on an ongoing and continual basis. If more people understood this. Maybe they would be more thoughtful. When they decided to have children in the first place.

However, as long as parents understand this. When they are going through divorce. They can avoid legal difficulty. By making an assumption. And doing something that is legally incorrect.

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