Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Waiving Your Child Support


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Waving Your Child Support

When parents are divorcing or separating and there are children involved according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. They will also have to navigate learning how to pay. Child support appropriately, and timely.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the first things that parents need to understand. Is that at no time are they allowed. To stop paying child support. As it is considered a right of the child. To have both parents contribute to their upbringing.

Whether they are getting a divorce. Or it is a common-law relationship. There are laws in Alberta. That will dictate exactly how to navigate child access. As well as child support payments.

Outlined in section 3 of the divorce act. As well as section 3 of the family Law act. States that child support will pay for the necessities of life. Including food, clothing and shelter.

How child support will be calculated. Is by figuring out which parent has access the majority of the time. Majority of the time will be considered 60% of the time or more. The parent that has less access.

Will be the one paying child support. And the amount that they will pay. Is based on a percentage of their income. As noted in their last notice of assessment online one hundred and fifty.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they will pay a percentage of that amount. Per child, if they are the parent that has access less. As well, there is section 7 expenses according to the experts.

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Which specifies paying for things like extracurricular activities and child care expenses. Like daycare, or a day home. These payments are going to be determined by the court. Based on a percentage of both parents income.

As well as but both parents can reasonably afford. Therefore, if one parent cannot afford to pay. Even a small percentage of extracurricular activities. They will not have to. And if the other parent cannot pay the full amount alone.

Then there is no recourse to get that extracurricular activity paid for. However, it is more common now than ever before. That parents are sharing access of the children equally. With the children staying with one parent.

One or two weeks. And then living with their other parent for the same amount of time. This is actually considered more desirable by the court. Simply because it is in the child’s best interest. To see both parents as often as possible.

However, paying child support gets a little bit more tricky. Because both parents share access. According to section 9 of both the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. This is considered set off child support. When parents share access.

Child support is then calculated. By figuring out which parent earns more money. The higher income earner will pay a percentage of the difference between both parents income.

The next thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents need to understand. Is that access and child support are not tied together. To get all of the answers to child support questions, parents should contact eLaw Alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Can You Actually Waive Your Child Support

When parents are divorcing or separating and there are children involved, they should talk to a divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to find out the truth about child support. As well as access.

There is a lot of misinformation. As well as people who watch American movies and television shows. And think that the laws about child support are the same, when they are not.

Therefore, they may not know. The reality when it comes to child support and access. Failure to do the right things could lead to a lot of legal trouble. Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton wants all parents to know. What they need to know about child support.

One of the first things that they will share with their clients. Is that child support is actually considered a right of the child. This is the way that the law ensures both parents. Our contributing to the well-being of the life they created.

Therefore, child support and access are not tied together. Whether a parent sees their child or not. Whether it is their choice or not. They will still have to pay child support as long as the child requires it.

That brings us to the next point says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Many people believe that child support is going to be done being required to be paid. Once the child is the age of majority. Which in Alberta, is eighteen years.

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This is not true at all. And while many children no longer require. Child support payments after they reach this age. If they are enrolled in postsecondary institutions. The parent may in fact still required to pay child support.

Based on a number of factors. Such as where the child is living. If they have a job. And if they took a break from school before enrolling in postsecondary education. In many instances.

Children that are going to college or university. Will be entitled to have one parent pay child support. Until they are twenty-five years of age. As well, if the child has a specific need. Such as they have a disability.

Physical or mental, the parent may be required. To pay child support indefinitely. In order to understand child support more clearly. Parents who are separating or divorcing. Should not only retain a divorce lawyer Edmonton.

But they should also talk to the experts, such as the ones at eLaw Alliance located in Edmonton. Not only will they have a free, one hour consultation. To find out what they need to know.

In order to do things correctly. They can ask their burning questions. And find out not only their legal rights. But their obligations, especially the obligations to the children from the relationship.

By finding out the truth, parents can go through their divorce or separation amicably. And ensure that they are paying for the lives that they created appropriately. And are doing what is right for the children they care for.